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Mason Rudolph Would Bring J.W. Walsh If He Was Stranded on a Desert Island



Oklahoma State did one of those Q&A things with its top QB recently. These are usually sterile and only mildly interesting (more Kevin Peterson, please), but Mason Rudolph gave a perfect answer to this question: If you had to be stranded on a desert island for one month, which one of your teammates would you want to bring with you, and why?

“It’d have to be J.W. Walsh, because I feel like he would be good with nature and he could probably find a way for us to get off the island.”

When I think J.W. Walsh, I think “future coach” first, “gamer” second and “good with nature” third. I laughed out loud at that answer. Perfect.

On a more serious note, Mike Gundy commented on their relationship earlier this week.

“They have a good relationship. As I mentioned before, J.W. has been tremendous for Mason, and they’ve worked well together. Eventually, J.W. wants to be a coach, and he’ll be able to coach. He’s been through it.

“He has a good mentor in his father, and I think he’s getting great training by playing at this level. Even with Taylor [Cornelius], they’ve all got great lines of communication. They understand the game, and they understand our system. They help Mason out a lot during those times.”

Rudolph was also asked about the best player he’s ever played against in that Q&A.

“Well, I’ve only played a few games here, so I would say Jadaveon Clowney. I didn’t face him personally, but my high school played his when I was a freshman and he was a senior.

“He’s obviously a freak, and he ended up being the No. 1 draft pick, so that was pretty cool. As far as in college, just being on the sidelines against Jameis Winston was pretty cool.”

Being “obviously a freak” is next level human genetics. Thanks for not hurting him, Jadaveon!

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