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Could Coleman Scott’s Olympic Bronze Ever be Upgraded to Gold?

Dlagnev’s official upgrade makes one wonder if it could ever happen.



On Thursday it was officially announced that Artur Taymazov had been stripped of his 2012 Olympic Gold Medal and American Tervel Dlagnev has been upgraded to a bronze. Former Cowboy Coleman Scott has a somewhat similar story that has not resulted in a medal upgrade.

Now head coach at the University of North Carolina, former Cowboy and NCAA champion Coleman Scott, won an Olympic Bronze medal in the 2012 Olympics. An impressive feat that further entrenched the incredible Oklahoma State legacy that exists in the sport. With the precedent set for Dlagnev there is a theoretical possibility that he could also receive an upgrade — to a gold.

After the revelations of widespread and even state-sponsored doping among Russian athletes, the blood of silver medalist Besik Kudukhov was retested and revealed to contain a banned substance turinabol. The International Olympic Committee decided to file the investigation with no action as Kudukhov had tragically died in a car accident prior to the start of their investigation. Had the investigation been completed and the medal stripped from Kudukhov the silver would have went to Yogeshwar Dutt, the other bronze medalist, as he is who wrestled Kudukhov in the semifinals.

Around the same time it was announced that Kudukhov failed his test, Mark Palmer of Intermat, and others wrote of reports that Olympic gold medalist Toghrul Asgarov of Azerbaijan had also tested positive for a banned substance.

The reports coming from Indian media outlets projected Scott would become the Olympic Gold Medalist.

Ultimately after all the buzz from those reports, nothing changed…. Nothing was ever really officially announced from the Olympic committee on Asgarov’s failed test. Dutt and Scott are both still listed as the bronze medalists and Asgarov and Kudukhov as gold and silver.

Will there ever be any changes to that? With no more reports coming out about Asgarov and the Olympic Committee filing away the investigation of Kudukhov, I find it unlikely that anything will, but it’s definitely an interesting footnote that there is a very real scenario out there where Coleman Scott could be upgraded to an Olympic Gold.




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