Mike Boynton ‘Ecstatic’ to Add Transfer PG Michael Weathers

Written by Kyle Cox

Earlier this week, OSU’s first-year head coach got some good news in the way of a pledge. Highly sought-after transfer Michael Weathers wants to be the Cowboys’ point guard of the future. Weathers, the 2016-17 Mid-American Conference Freshman of the Year, averaged 16.7 points, 4.8 assists and 4.2 rebounds as a freshman.

“We are ecstatic to add a player of Michael’s ability and character to the Cowboy basketball program,” head coach Mike Boynton said in a statement on Tuesday. “He embodies everything we want Oklahoma State basketball to be about. He comes from a tremendous family and has a passion for the game of basketball, but more importantly he has a desire to be the best player he can be. We look forward to having Michael join our team, and will be even happier to have him join us on the court in 2018.”

After the shock wore off from Boynton being named as the successor to departed coach and mentor Brad Underwood, most had questions. Can he coach? Can he really recruit?

This is a big win on one the latter front. Whether the recruiting acumen is Boynton’s or belongs to associate head coach Lamont Evans (or both) is really a moot point.

Seemingly, Boynton has spent more time in an airplane during his first month in office, than his own office. And it seems to be yielding results. He’s secured next year’s incoming point guard Zack Dawson and now has Weathers on board.

Boynton and staff reportedly reached out to Weathers after he announced that he was looking to play elsewhere. Last week, Weathers announced his plans to visit Stillwater on April 25 as well as scheduled visits at Nevada, Xavier and Miami. Apparently, Boynton was able to close the deal without the visit.

It also didn’t hurt that Weathers’ head coach at Miami (Ohio), John Cooper, is now a member of Boynton’s staff.

Weathers will have to sit out the 2017-18 season due to NCAA transfer rules but has three years of eligibility remaining.

  • Pistols Fired!!

    Hire the head coach, the dad, the uncle or the older brother… if they all get multi year contracts, before long our staff will be a longer roster than our players!! Not sure about this ‘recruiting’ strategy.

    • Darryl

      If it works it works. Hiring the player’s coach is how OU got Wayman Tisdale. OU hired his high school coach. Heck, OU gave Wayman’s brother William a scholarship a whole year before Wayman graduated from Booker T and on top of that OU knew William was not a D-1 player. It was all a pity scholarship to get Wayman. It worked and OU was able to build on the success Wayman bought in and had tremendous success the rest of the decade.

      • T-Bone

        Tisdale. RIP. Gone too soon.

  • David Einstein

    Nice get.

  • Phillycowboy

    Look… I get it. The flashy point guard is fun and always a great get. I’m glad we got him. But its likes the football team getting another great WR. We always get them but we never surround them with anyone over 6’9. I’m tired of point guards carrying our team. I want 7 foot pillars on either side of the hoop – then get a fancy, flashy, and great point guard.

    • spokepokes

      We have two 7 footers on the team currently. Both will see playing time. Both will do nothing but improve. We are only 1 year out of Ford ball give it time. Awesome 7 footers are not easy to come by.

  • AJ Smith

    Have to hire the coach to get a player awesome

    • davids

      Ed Manning, God rest his soul, was a long distance truck driver when he was hired as an assistant coach at Kansas. The job requirements had to be rewritten because Ed was a few hours short of his degree. It became an an affirmative action hire with no degree required. Larry Brown beat out Dean Smith for Danny’s pledge. Also, Ted Owens, while at Kansas, hired the high school coaches of Darnell Valentine and Norm Cook. At least Cooper was a head coach (he did get fired) at a college before coming to Stillwater. I think this hire helped land this kid. Hope it works out.