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Mike Boynton Sends Mysterious (and Promising?) Tweet Amid St. John’s Links

OSU’s head coach breaks Twitter silence following big commitment and amidst swirling rumors.



Mike Boynton has laid low over the last few days as rumors have swarmed linking him, a Brooklyn native, to the St. John’s vacancy.

He is laying low no more, though. Boynton sent a mysterious tweet Thursday afternoon after he reeled in four-star guard Chris Harris over Texas A&M and Texas Tech, and while it really said nothing, the fact that he tweeted anything actually says something. If he were St. John’s bound … is he sending out a smoke signal of excitement over landing a recruit for OSU?

Translate this as you will … (Marshall Scott’s literal translation, per our Slack: “At 6:30, he’ll see zero ears because everyone is wearing hard hats (which cover ears) while construction is happening.”



The best guess:



Though Boynton has apparently not declined St. John’s interest, there’s been a lot of smoke elsewhere linking other names to the gig on Thursday. Yale coach James Jones is a name I’ve heard mentioned for the vacancy by several sources, and Jon Rothstein reported that Paul Hewitt, the former head coach at Siena, Ga. Tech and George Mason, is also a candidate.

We’ll see exactly what amounts to all these links, rumors, non-rumors, denials and smokescreens, but for now, a single Mike Boynton tweet seems to say a lot — even if it really says nothing.

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