Mike Gundy dances after OSU win over Texas

Written by Kyle Porter

Also, Justin Gilbert looking OK here.

And this:

  • g0p0kes


  • jls2osu

    Most awesome.

  • Bryan Cauthon

    Gundy is THE MAN!

  • Troy

    That is what I love about Gundy

  • TJ

    Hey Kyle love the blog but, when you do your twitter pics or whatever, it cuts some of them off on your Mobil site. Just in case you didn’t know.

  • littlebwild

    Dying!!! This is perfection!

  • occowboy

    The best thing ever on this blog. Gundy is a freakin’ man.

  • Pete

    “Gun”dys got his pistols firing along with his boy!!!

  • TeaTown Cowboy

    Hahahahahha, one thing Gundy is is hip!

  • naedrdmk

    Awesome! Go Pokes!

  • Robbie Robertson

    The Big Gun!!

  • jane

    I’m in afterglow. I’m just so full of love this morning after last night was so superb. I love Gundy. I love your blog. And I always love Kelly Hines. 🙂

  • Tony Bell

    I’m one happy poke here in Texas I got my chest out, being on the bears.

  • Grad76

    Just wish Gundy would let the reporters interview Clint Chelf. It is sad that everyone else gets to comment and here he is in his last year to play for my COWBOYS and can’t be interviewed until after the bowl game. Let Gundy dance all he wants, let Chelf speak!!!!!!

  • Marco Benedetti

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