Mike Gundy Announces Dismissal of Brendan Vaughn Following Drug Arrest

Written by Kyle Boone

OSU head coach Mike Gundy announced on Tuesday that freshman linebacker Brendan Vaughn has been dismissed from the football program following an arrest on drug charges over the weekend.

“He’s been off our team since Sunday,” said Gundy following Tuesday’s practice. “Any time you violate team rules, then, immediately, you’re off our team, so I just wanted to clarify that with everybody.”

Vaughn was arrested on Saturday after OSU police found approximately 1.56 pounds of marijuana and $2,119 in his dorm room, as well as a digital scale and a digital security safe, according to the Tulsa World.

Vaughn was formally charged Tuesday with one felony count of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute within 2,000 feet of a school and one misdemeanor charge of unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia. He pleaded not guilty in his court appearance Tuesday.

  • Saucy Takes

    Something to be said about Gundy compared to good ol Bobby stoops

  • Brett Murphy

    Wish the kid luck in his future endeavors.

  • Ben DeWalt

    I appreciate this from Gundy. You can say it had to be done but Tom Herman basically fought to get Reese Leitao into Texas for a similar crime on a more dangerous scale.

    For Brendan I hope for the best no way to know what his circumstances are or why he was doing this but he is 18 and it certainly isn’t too late for him to have a bright future.

    • TeaTown Cowboy

      Yeah but it wa$ for pre$cription drug$ which i$ $afer, LOOOOOL!

    • David

      He moves one state over and he’s an entrepreneur.

      • Zombie Willham

        He should have signed with Colorado.

      • Pistol Rick

        Nope, what he did would still be illegal.

  • Tayvl

    He won’t have a bright future if he has a felony conviction on his record. What in the world was he thinking, I wonder.

    • TeaTown Cowboy

      He can get that expunged with good behavior….maybe, depends on the judge.

    • David

      Why is it a felony to begin with?

      • Andy Morsman

        Distribution is always a felony.

        • David

          I understand. I just don’t think we should be handing out a felony charge over a guy selling pot. It’s 2017. I was in NYC last weekend and people literally walk down the street smoking joints in front of cops.

          • Mark

            Popular acceptance doesn’t make something morally right. This is exactly the problem with society today.

          • GeoPoke

            I don’t see how this is morally wrong. It’s legally wrong, but where is the moral aspect?

          • spokepokes

            Morally wrong?? Pot is not morally wrong……..

          • David

            Smoking a plant isn’t immoral. Come on.

          • GeoPoke

            That’s Oklahoma for you. Voice your opinion with a vote (if you’re in the state).

  • John Lusk

    A pound and a half is a LOT of weed.

    • Tayvl

      24 oz @ maybe $250/oz, $5,000-$6,000. Hope his attorney can convince someone it was all for personal use…

      • Chris Putnam

        He won’t be able to convince anybody because of a scale, cash in the vicinity, how the weed was found and if small little baggies are around

        • GeoPoke

          Well maybe. I heard this girl say she lost weight because she weighed her food. I mean he pleaded not guilty, that sounds like his only option.

          • Sonny

            He likely pled not guilty because he’d still end up in prison where his ass would be a hot commodity. Either way, he’s fu%$ed and he knows it. A not guilty plee is his only chance to escape what’s coming.. Oh, and I’m sorry to inform you that prison will never reform 98% (perceptive guesstimate) of inmates. Prison teaches the thug life and convicts turn to what they know when set loose among society. Prisons are nothing more than training camps for criminals. “Where are we at in society today” when we’re trainimg thugs how to be thugs and then turnimg them loose on the American people?

          • spokepokes

            He’s 18. If this is his first offense and he has a decent lawyer he can easily avoid prison.

  • Arkady Vachon

    Your choices always come back around…Vaughn made his choice, and now it’s come around on him.

  • OrangeTuono

    “He could have redshirted.”, said Bob Stools.

    • kspokesfan

      Already signed with OU.

      • Wayne from Forty One

        No, there was no thieving or assualt.

  • David

    I literally see nothing wrong with what he did besides a plant being illegal. I think this is a forgivable offense and we need to reevaluate the actual severity of the crime. It’s Gundy’s team and I’d never question him…but I just don’t see why this is a big deal.

    • LittleGuy

      And we call that attitude progress? Where does your reasoning stop…that’s the scary part of your thinking. Marketing in another state worked in convincing people it was a good thing. Okies who still use their brains shouldn’t be forced to act like it’s now okay just because another state said so.

      • David

        There’s nothing scary about my thinking. The scary thinking is when people think government should make smoking a plant illegal and selling it a felony.

      • David

        Also, most Okies under 30 smoke pot.

        • Zombie Willham

          “Mom, everybody else is doing it”

        • David

          Most? You have any facts to back that up? Also, are you saying “have smoked”, as in, have tried at least once in their life, or “smoke”, as in, are active users?

          • David

            I’d say most are regular users. It’s an estimate based on where I live. I’m a non-smoker and in the minority with millenials.

        • Mark

          Doesn’t make it right.


          I can’t believe I’m saying this old cliche but: Does this mean, David, that if everyone else is jumping off a cliff you want to jump too?

          • David

            I was responding to the comment of Okies using their brain. For what it’s worth, I’m not a smoker. I just think criminalizing it is extremely stupid.

        • Wtc

          Lol. I’m 30 and 90% of my friends don’t smoke pot.

      • Jim Robins

        All drugs should be legalized. Prohibition doesn’t work.

        • Poked

          You say this until you have had to live with the effects of a loved one being on meth.

          • Cowboydroid

            Meth and cannabis are the same thing?

            And when did criminalizing meth ever help anyone?

          • Jim Robins

            How can this be, meth is illegal.

          • Frank Eaton

            While I feel sympathy for your hardship and situation, your loved ones stupidity is NOT societies problem. Drugs should be legal. End of story.

          • Poked

            I’m not wanting sympathy for myself, and definitely not for stupid loved ones, just for stupid peoples children whos childhoods are ruined by stupid parents. Not to mention those who try it when they are kids and get hooked because kids are too stupid to think about consequences. I’m not talking about weed, it’s not any worse than alcohol, but not all drugs should be legalized.

        • Zombie Willham

          Any age limits?

      • Cowboydroid

        Get over yourself. There’s nothing wrong with the plant. It’s even healthy for many people. Maybe you could use some to help clear up that bad attitude.

      • spokepokes

        Wow I’m glad I don’t live in Oklahoma anymore. The number of people who think pot is a horrible offense is honestly startling.

    • Clark Matthews

      I agree with you that abolition is stupid, but even where marijuana is legally available, what Brendan was doing would be a crime. He either knew what he was doing was illegal, or else he’s way too stupid to be in college in the first place. Regardless, the kid made a mistake and needs to pay the consequences.

      • spokepokes

        Unfortunately yes this is correct. I think it’s dumb to be illegal but that fact of the matter is that it is.

  • OSU Student

    This just in: The university of Oklahoma has signed Brendan Vaughn. He will be thrown into a starting role immediately.

  • Cowboydroid

    Stupid laws. Just legalize the plant.

  • Spencer

    Millions and millions of productive adult members of society go to work everyday at convenience stores, tattoo parlors, restaurants, and car washes. When they finish their shifts they go home to their parents basements and relax with a little weed. Nothing wrong with that! Its not like weed is notorious for for killing ambition or work ethic. When have you ever seen a movie where the pot head was lazy or not productive? NEVER!!!

    Harmless? Depends greatly on how you define harm. Make sure you tell your kinds its just a plant and that it’s harmless. I’m sure you will be thrilled when you discover your daughter has developed loose morals for people who have a little harmless plant. Harmless… dumbest thing I ever heard!

    • George Carnes

      EEEEEAAAASSSYYYY there Spencer….. I’m not sure the potheads can handle that much sarcasm in a single dose!!

    • spokepokes

      Yes it’s harmless you ding dong

    • David

      The funny part about this statement is literally every successful person I know that makes 6 figures smokes pot.

      • Okie Dokie

        I guess I don’t know you, but I am very successful, make 6 figures, and I don’t smoke pot, so I guess your stupid comment is still 100% accurate.

        • David

          Sure is.

  • T-Bone

    I just hope he wasn’t selling it to the team or other OSU athletes.

  • PFBCommenter

    Anyone worried that he might be the plug for the rest of the team and the team’s play on the field may suffer without their regular “medication”?