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Mike Gundy Doing Shirtless Pushups in 100 Degree Heat is the Video You Didn’t Know You Needed

Gundy providing some incredible offseason content for the blog.



Mike Gundy is no longer 40 years old but he is, indeed, very much still a man. And at the young age of 54 years old, the man is in better shape than probably 99% of his peers. So of course in true Gundy fashion, he isn’t afraid to show it off a bit.

Over the years Gundy has not been shy to share his body — ripping his shirt off at homecoming in particular stands out — and the latest such example is really just an all-time flex. Video surfaced this week posted by Old Row that shows him not only doing pushups in 100 degree heat on the practice field at OSU — which to be clear is very, very impressive — but ALSO doing it without a shirt AND using only one hand.

You cannot make this up. We must protect this man at all costs.

Is this just recruiting propaganda to be used at a later date? Or just another day in the life of The Man, The Myth, The Mullet himself? I have many questions!

A photo that appears to have been taken on the same day shows him again shirtless rocking the Gundy Glasses and a pair of OSU gloves recruit-style. So maybe it was to impress a visitor. Or maybe it was to work off a few calories. You can have Hideaway seven times a week and work that off in no time with this weather. I like his thinking.

Either way, who cares? This is legendary stuff by any measure. Most college coaches would never get caught doing this, and yet some grainy Snapchat video surfacing is just day-to-day activity. Incredible.

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