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Mike Gundy Has High Praise for Freshman Darrion Daniels



Darrion Daniels was one of the most intriguing prospects coming into this season for me. Mike Gundy noted early on that he would likely be one of the few true freshmen to play but, as Gundy is wont to do, hedged by saying that you don’t know how dudes are going to perform until the lights come on.

Daniels performed tremendously in his first game, racking up three total tackles and a half sack. Gundy praised him on Monday.

“Physically, he’s a little further ahead than players we’ve had in the past here,” said Gundy. “He’s a 300-pounder, he’s strong, he’s got a good background and he’s more mature than most freshmen are.

“He was able to stay healthy in camp. He has made plays in practice, and he has held his own against the offense. His cardiovascular shape is pretty good. When you can stay healthy through camp and absorb information, you have a chance to play as a freshman.

“At Oklahoma State, we haven’t had as many at that position, mainly because we haven’t gotten that many 300-pounders. Most of the time, we’re bringing in guys around 250 or 260 pounds and have to develop them into that position.”

Gundy went even further, though. When asked how he compared to James Castleman when Castleman was a freshman, Gundy gave a surprising reply.

“(Daniels is) a little further along (than Castleman).”

As some on Twitter noted, that should mean Daniels is catching outs from Mason Rudolph any day now.

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