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Daily Bullets (Apr. 26): Lutz Adds Another Player, Looking at OSU’s QB Commit



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Baseball: Cowboys 17, BYU 5

OSU Bullets

Cowboys landed a commitment yesterday from a forward of another Big 12 school (PFB)

A couple of solid recruiting notes ($$$) – Brandon Garrison is open to coming back to Stillwater, Davonte Davis appears to be an Oklahoma State lean, and Moussa Cisse has been visiting Stillwater again (247 Sports $$$)

• Solid explanation of what Cowboy quarterback commit Adam Schobel needs to dig into: 

“You can just see that dude is going to be a great leader, a great competitor, he’s going to give you everything he’s got,” (quarterback trainer Brad) Stanfield said.

However, Stanfield said he agreed with the criticism that Schobel currently lacks the speed he will need to outrun defenders and extend plays at the next level. Still, Stanfield isn’t overly concerned about this because, with the right approach, it’s a relatively easy fix compared to what other high school prospects are going through.


This bowl prediction article has the Pokes in the Liberty Bowl – folks must be assuming the Pokes finish with seven or eight wins to fall to here, right? (247 Sports)

• The OSU grad dominating TikTok (DailyMail)

Non-OSU Bullets

This Ringer piece on Thunder playoffs gave me chills – so fun. Had to pull out the quote below. •

It feels different this time around. We are more aware of the fragility of these championship windows and understand better that just because a team is young and exciting today does not mean they will be that way in perpetuity. These Thunder are at the beginning of their run—a 1-seed with a high-end talent already in hand, a trove of draft picks, and no albatross contracts. But who knows what will happen tomorrow? Bodies can break, personalities can clash. The future can be unkind to the past. Let’s enjoy the party while we can. [The Ringer]

I get that the dog is trained but darn I still enjoy it: 

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