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Mike Gundy has said many different things about the QB situation

I’m not sure Mike Gundy even knows who his QBs are anymore.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

Mike Gundy condradicted himself one final time today before the Mississippi State game regarding the QB situation. Here’s a review of actual quotes from him in 2013 about the quarterbacks.

After the bowl game in January

“We’re going to work our quarterbacks just like we would any other position, but when we start out in the spring and they go running out there, Clint is going to go running out there just like he did today.”

After spring practice in April

“Clint Chelf is our starter; he takes all the reps with the (first string) right now. The other guys compete out there, but I don’t necessarily feel like there’s a battle out there to start in the first game.”

Two weeks after that

“We haven’t necessarily said anything about the first game of the season…Clint’s been the guy that, up to this point, has gone out there and gotten the reps when we started with the 1s. But we haven’t established who would be a starter for any particular reason.”

After fall practice in a week ago

“We’re going to play both guys. It hasn’t changed since spring. Both quarterbacks have improved. I don’t feel like either one of them will be a backup in the first game.”



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