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Mike Gundy Let Loose in Bedlam Last Year, and He Should Saturday, Too

Gundy’s got the gusto to make Bedlam 2019 one for the ages.



Mike Gundy’s been labeled a conservative Cowboy when it comes to Bedlam.

To coin a phrase from Gundy himself, That’s not true.

Sure, his 2-12 Bedlam record leaves something to be desired. And sure, OSU should have won plenty more games against OU since he took over the gig in 2005. But in recent years, Bedlam has brought out Gundy’s best efforts. While they’ve come up short (save for 2014 — thanks, Tyreek! and 2011 — thanks, B. Weedz!), you can’t with a straight face call him conservative against the Sooners. As cool and collected as he is, he knows it’s the one blemish on his otherwise stellar resume that he wants — badly — to clean up. He knows that narrative, and even in recent years has seemingly actively tried to buck that.

I was recently re-reading my column from last year’s game in Norman, where OSU lost 48-47, and I was reminded of just how bold Gundy was in that game. OSU trailed throughout, then scored late to make it 48-47. The conservative Gundy people seem to fictionalize would have kicked the extra point and moved on. The real Gundy though — he let ’em hang, right there in Norman, America. He went for 2, and was an errant Taylor Cornelius pass away from converting it.

“As the game was going back and forth, being on the road and struggling stopping them, it was probably the best thing,” said Gundy. “We had a shot at it, just didn’t make a good throw.”

Added Gundy, jokingly, about if players were on board with the call: “I don’t give a sh– what they think. They pay me to do that, so that way y’all can criticize me. We’d made the decision I think two drives before.” [PFB]

I don’t give a sh– what they think.

We’d made the decision I think two drives before.

The stones! I wrote this after watching that fateful Corndog pass that didn’t quite have enough mustard.

But Gundy also doesn’t have to give a you-know-what — especially this time around — because he let it all hang. Everyone witnessed in real time his figurative guts exposed and literal mullet dangling in the cold Norman night and respected his gumption to lay it all on the line. A kicked PAT may have been risky after bringing it to within one point, especially after Matt Ammendola’s missed field goal earlier in the game, but going for 2 was hitting the dealer on 17. He knew he was close, and damn, he wanted all of it. There would be no tail-tucking. It took a pair to go for a pair.

Last year, OSU had everything to gain and nothing to lose. OU, meanwhile, had everything to lose and nothing to gain from a win over a middling OSU team. OSU came out firing and fighting, clawing all the way down to the wire. OU puckered its butts and hoped Cornelius didn’t have the juice. He was perhaps one pass away from proving them wrong.

On Saturday in this year’s iteration of Bedlam, the setup is the same. OSU has nothing to lose. It has already turned its season around after a midseason swoon in which it lost to Texas (gag me), Texas Tech (lol) and Baylor (not such a bad loss after all). It has won four straight riding an improved defense and a Heisman contender in Chuba Hubbard. OU, meanwhile, is in quite the opposite scenario. Style points for the College Football Playoff are on the line. A loss will eliminate the Sooners. A win merely puts them in the Big 12 title game, where they’ll be regardless.

You think that’s on Gundy’s coaching list this week? A chance to spoil OU’s College Football Playoff hopes? To get a Bedlam win at home for the first time since 2011? To end the regular season on a five-game winning streak and ride into bowl season for a chance to get 10 wins?

That’s enough to make my palms sweat just thinking about it. For Gundy and Oklahoma State, that’s surely enough to guarantee that, regardless of outcome, we should be in for another can’t-miss Bedlam showdown. And if Gundy lets his mullet down like he did last year, it may just be unforgettable.

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