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Mike Gundy Might be the Next Tony Romo, Calls Plays Before They Happen

The head ball coach might have a future in broadcasting!



Tony Romo has been a revelation in the CBS broadcast booth over the last few years. Alongside partner Jim Nantz, he provides invaluable insight that only a former QB could provide, explains things in a way everyone can understand and has a knack for calling plays and predicting what’s going to happen before it actually happens.

Mike Gundy may have been studying Tony Romo.

I didn’t watch a ton of the Coaches Film Room on Monday evening as LSU walloped Clemson, but the parts I watched were fantastic. Gundy was tossing it to beaks, working the room and asserting himself as the alpha in a world where it pays (literally) to be the most alpha of the alphas.

There were myriad examples of this (which we’ll get to below), but the denouement was on the dagger LSU scored in the fourth. An inside receiver running a fade, and Burrow put it in his hands.

Listen to Gundy call this before it happens.

Also, the look he gives the room after it actually unfolds the way he said it was going to unfold makes me rethink some of the things I’ve written about him. He was reveling in this role. Reveling in it.

Also, Weeden dropped some knowledge on Tuesday morning.

Then Gundy calls this Burrow keeper for a TD with ease. I don’t know what it is that makes him so compelling in this spot — maybe it’s the white beard combined with the Oklahoma accent combined with the mullet and him shouting out numbers instead of names. But I couldn’t get enough.

Lastly, this wasn’t really Gundy-related, but Gary Patterson saw that Houston QB D’Eriq King entered the transfer portal and started hollering about how King was (presumably) going to end up at OU. Complete disdain!

The entire night was delightful with Gundy leading the charge. I think there are times when we view Gundy that he can come off as meek or uninspired. This was not one of those times. It was a great glimpse into how Gundy is wired, how he thinks about the game and how he talks about this stuff when other people aren’t around (there were times it felt like he forgot there were cameras on them!). A version of Gundy I’d love to see more often.

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