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Watch: Mike Gundy Talks About His Donkey, Mullet and Hunting on ESPN



If you turned off the boob tube midway through the third quarter on Friday when OSU jumped out to a 34-point lead, you missed a doozy of a segment on ESPN with Mike Gundy and Molly McGrath.

Similar to ESPN’s college basketball segment where a reporter walks the length of the floor with a coach, McGrath went 40 yards with Gundy where she asked about Gundy’s farm animals, his mullet, the weirdest food he’s eaten and more.

My favorite part: “I’ve got a donkey named Blackjack, and he’s got a really bad attitude. So that’s why I like him.”

Before the night was over, we even had a Blackjack the Donkey account on Twitter.

How great is that? Gundy is truly a national treasure. Here’s the full clip from ESPN.

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