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Mike Gundy Reveals the Only True Freshman We’re Sure Will Play in 2015



There are 21 true freshmen on OSU’s roster this year. We aren’t positive about the other 20 (though we have some guesses), but there’s one for sure that will play in 2015.

How do we know that? Well, Mike Gundy told the Oklahoman after OSU’s second scrimmage last week.

“[Safety Kenneth] McGruder is going to be the only (freshman on defense) that may play the way I see it,” Gundy said. “Darrion Daniels is certainly good enough to play … mature enough and strong enough, but I’m not so sure they’ll play him. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

He did say on defense (and I would bet Daniels plays too, FWIW), and he has insinuated so far this fall that running back Jeff Carr will get some playing time as well. Carr has done nothing but encourage that, by the way. But he also hedged his bet on media day a few weeks ago.

“I think most people thought, with his size that he would be guy that would redshirt, but as he progresses through the next eight or 10 practices, if he’s able to absorb information, function out there with the team, stay healthy and give you the ability to make a big play, then you have to look at putting him out there.”

Running backs coach Marcus Arroyo sort of confirmed that Carr would get some run as a true freshman a few days ago.

“They’ve done a really nice job. Chris is pretty much what we expected in regards to being a mature athlete who is big, strong and does really nice things. I’m excited about the way he has taken on the role with the one’s. Carr has done a really nice job. He’s another guy who is really explosive and displays that he’s got some talent that we can put out there, probably pretty early on. He’s gotten better every day. That’s the best part about those guys. They’ve both gotten better every day.”

“Probably pretty early on.” 

The other true freshman who could get some time is wide receiver Jalen McCleskey. Gundy mentioned his name as well as Carr’s when talking about guys who could potentially fill the Tyreek Hill void on special teams.

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