Is Mike Gundy Wrong to Ask for More Money?

Written by Kyle Porter

Mike Gundy spoke with Berry Tramel recently about his salary and the salaries of his assistant coaches. He put a benchmark on the table and challenged his administration to meet it. That benchmark was Gary Patterson and TCU.

“I understand resources, I understand budgets,” Gundy told The Oklahoman. “I understand we have an $84 million annual budget, right around there, and I know there’s other schools that have $110 (million), $150 (million), whatever. I’m not making comparisons to them. I’m making comparisons to the middle of the group. TCU.”

So that’s really interesting given that Gundy’s contract goes unsigned and only lasts through 2019. TCU might not be the best comparison because when you’re speaking at a 30,000-foot level like this, you have to discuss the overall revenue of a university. Because TCU is private and has an absurd endowment ($600 million bigger than OSU’s), it has resources (that could serve as subsidies) that Oklahoma State does not (and will never) have.

But does Gundy have a point here? I think he does. First, let’s take a look at the Oklahoma State football revenue and expenses. This is public information you can view for yourself here and is for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2016 (so the 2015 football season).

Football Revenue

Oklahoma State football makes a lot of money. It brought in nearly $48 million in fall 2015 and that number will only go up when the numbers are posted for fall 2016 later on this summer or fall. The entire athletic department brought in just $93.7 million so football accounted for more than half of overall revenue.

Football Expenses

So OSU football was profitable to the tune of $28.3 million in fall 2015. That’s a good business. The problem is that the other departments of this business are not as successful. Men’s basketball made $3.5 million. Every other sport lost money. The athletic department as a whole made just $746,000 for the school year 2015-16.

This is how I presume it goes with most athletic departments which brings us back to Gundy’s point. What did he say? Here is Tramel again.

Gundy’s concerns: salaries for coaches and support personnel, plus recruiting budgets and resources.

“In comparison to the league, I need them to be in the middle of the pack,” Gundy said. “I think they’ve earned that with what we’ve accomplished in football. We need recruiting budgets to be in the top three or four in the league. Otherwise, it becomes difficult for me, to convince myself, to convince young people, that we can continue to do this or take the next step.” [NewsOK]

This is where it gets a little tricky. We can (sort of) compare budgets across Big 12 schools. I searched for similar financial reports for Iowa State, Kansas State, TCU and Texas Tech but was not able to find the detail OSU provides in its statements (thanks, OSU!)

But we can still look at a comparison because the U.S. Department of Education has posted what it calls Equity in Athletics Data Analysis here for your viewing pleasure (thanks, Obama). So I inputted TCU, Kansas State and Texas Tech.

Let’s look at recruiting budgets first.

The recruiting numbers for Oklahoma State match up with what is filed in their own financial report so I have to presume that the other three are accurate as well. This is not broken out by sport, but Oklahoma State’s $549,366 worth of expenses in recruiting for men’s teams is about half football ($255,059 in 2015) so you can probably imagine that the other three schools have a much higher ceiling when it comes to football.

This struck me as fairly disconcerting. Kansas State’s men’s recruiting budget is twice that of Oklahoma State? Kansas State?! Now, I don’t know what all goes into a recruiting budget (how much Jersey Mike’s can one football staff eat?), but I have to presume here based on Gundy’s insinuation and basic economics that more money equals better recruiting (which, as we’ve seen, is paramount).

Next let’s look at football revenue and expenses for these four schools.

From left to right it goes Oklahoma State, TCU, Texas Tech and Kansas State.

It was smart of Gundy to mention TCU. The Frogs spend a lot of money on football because they have a lot of money. But again, it’s a different type of institution than an Oklahoma State or a Kansas State. This has become the rub for me. People nationally look at OSU and think it is a university that is flush with money because Boone Pickens made a couple of oversized donations. The annual reality for a school like OSU is much different than an OU, Texas or even TCU.

So the expectation is this:

But the reality is this:

Gundy is looking at this from a football-only perspective, and because of that he has a solid point. OSU makes money like a TCU ($48M to $52M) but spends like a KSU or TTU ($19M to $18M to $18M). OSU’s football team made over (!) $28 million in 2015 — why would Gundy not think he could get a chunk of that thrown at him, his assistants and his recruiting coffers?

He doesn’t necessarily care — nor should he — that women’s tennis is not profitable and that Mike Holder has to rob from Peter to pay Paul. This is the cold reality of an athletic director’s world.

But Gundy knows his cards are strong because he knows that his program generates over half of the athletic department’s revenue. The other elephant in the room is that it has been reported that OSU’s assistants are actually paid quite well. Look at this report from last year in the Des Moines Register.

I’m sure Texas has bumped up, but that’s a long way from “middle of the pack” when it comes specifically to assistant pay. That doesn’t mean other areas of the football program shouldn’t be beefed up, but it’s worth noting.

The bottom line for me is this: $28 million in profit is an outrageous amount for an athletic department to not be able to figure out how to pay the video guys and the medical guys and double the recruiting budget. Outrageous. I understand that these budgets are complex and OSU the university is not flooded with more money than it knows what to do with, but Gundy’s requests are not unreasonable.

“Coach wants to stay here for a long time, and the only thing that has transpired is that I have to feel that there is 100 percent backing for Oklahoma State in football and that I think that the people involved, our staff not counting our nine of 10 coaches,” Gundy told Robert Allen last week.

“I’m talking about the staff, our video staff, our strength staff, our recruiting staff, our equipment staff, our medical staff, I want them to be taken care of and paid appropriately based on the success that we’ve had and where we are in the league,” Gundy said. “I feel like we have to increase our recruiting budget and increase the maintenance in our facilities. I just want to know that there is a 100 percent backing.”

Is the rest of the athletic department a puzzle that needs work? Yes. Is it hard to figure out how to make money for women’s golf and men’s cross country? Absolutely. But cash cows don’t live forever, and OSU has one right now with a mane flowing down its back. If they think balancing a budget with Gundy making money hand over fist is difficult, I’m fearful of what that will look like when he’s not the coach anymore.

  • Stepdaddy

    Mike gundy is great! Give him a raise!!!

    • Guest

      No comment about Bedlam? I’m surprised.

  • Pirate Pete

    Just a wild conspiracy theory here, what if not giving Gundy the money to succeed is Boone and Holder’s way of trying to force him out? They clearly don’t see eye to eye and what better way to get rid of the coach without making the fan base hate you than to make the team non-competitive? They know that they cannot just flat out fire him at this point without waking up to “For Sale” signs in their yards. I’m sure it’s happened before at other programs, limit the budget to the point where the coach becomes non-competitive and then fire him for “performance”. Once again this is just an out there idea for the sake of discussion. No real reason to actually believe this, but ya never know when egos and money get involved.

    • Mark

      Holder is losing power and popularity fast, while Gundy’s rises. He would be a fool of epic proportions to go scorched earth on his biggest source of income. Boone Pickens bleeds orange, and he’s not going to sabotage his own contributions by willing the team to irrelevance just for the sake of getting someone else in the coaches chair. That is, indeed, a WILD conspiracy theory.

      • Sugar Skull Pete

        Maybe Boone bleeds orange, but he has an efficient way of putting his foot in his mouth when it comes to Gundy.

        • Stepdaddy

          Why because he expects Gundy to actually be competitive with OU? That’s not unreasonable. In fact, what Boone has said about Gundy needing to be competitive with OSU is “spot on” in the minds of most OSU fans.

          • Sugar Skull Pete

            Don’t pretend that Boone couldn’t more diplomatic.

          • Stepdaddy


          • D_Edge

            I believe we are closer to being competitive with ou on the field than we are financially speaking! To me this validates Gundy’s point of more budget so we can take the next step both in conference and Nationally!

          • ste

            Do you think the difference in last year’s game was players or coaching? IMO it was clearly coaching. The way he coached the game our best players did not have a chance to be successful. If OSU was trying everything to win, then I would to tend agree with you, but it looked to me Gundy was no trying anything other then to weather the storm.

    • Clint

      Actually, your theory has happened before, to an extent. Remember when the owner of the Cleveland Indians made them so bad so she could sell them and move them to Florida or something. But, they instead won…wait…that was “Major League”…never mind…

    • Phillycowboy

      Zero Chance! A more likely scenario- If there is a conspiracy to get Gundy out- Just don’t give him raises in recruiting and support staff salaries. Let him leave for Oregon, Tennessee, or Ca and play the “woe is our athletic department/all we are is a stepping stone” card and hire Mike Yurich for 1 Million a year. You know, “to keep recruits and such”. Then get a major donation to build a wrestling practice facility. Then, hope your legacy is being top ten in sports outside of football and basketball (may win a Natty in one of those). Then retire.

    • Sonny

      Holder is on his way out. Do you really think that he wants his legacy to be the guy who pushed out the greatest FB coach and therefore the greatest moneymaker the athletic dept has ever had? Is that foil crown holding your skull together because I fear it may be a little loose.

  • Mark

    Interesting topic. I have some thoughts:

    1) I am certain the finances are much more complex than meets the eye when we are talking about downloading a spreedsheet or two off of the internet. You mentioned as much Kyle, and while it is a matter worth speculating on, I’m just playing the devil’s advocate here for a moment.

    2) The key figure here is the $746,000 gross profit. (I assume that’s gross). Doesn’t matter how much gross profit the football team makes, ultimately it boils down to the $746,000 – that’s where any additional payouts will come from.

    3) Now, the question is, what else needs to come out of that $746K? Are the other salaries that must be paid that’s not found in these documents? Other expenses that the university uses that money for? Again, this goes back to my first thought – this has to be more complicated than what the spreedsheets show.

    4) All that being said, yes, Gundy has a point. It does not look like a level playing field in comparison to other Big 12 schools. Also, the comment about “maintenance” is telling. There’s nothing that tells employees of a company more about how committed upper management is to success like proper (or negligent) maintenance to the infrastructure of the business. When management pushes for more productivity and better quality while the building itself and necessary tools for operation are falling apart around their ears, it speaks volumes about priorities, and can have a very negative effect on morale.

    • Matt Belanger

      I will note that the athletic budget is auxiliary to the general fund for the University. They do not and won’t flow into or out of each other. Athletics either has to to enlarge an old or find a new source of revenue, or find wealthy donors willing to specify that their money will go to athletics. Both of those responsibilities fall on the athletic director, which means if he wants to keep winning and stay in the black, he needs to find money to pay his people.

  • Nate

    Good post.

    We lost over half a mil for going to the Sugar Bowl? That’s… interesting.

    • austinpoke

      I noticed the same thing on the Sugar Bowl. How did they spend $2.9 million in one week in New Orleans, yet only spent $1.26 million in travel expenses for all of the other road games?

      • BulldogCowboy

        Well, if we brought the entire band and put them up in a hotel, that may have been a contributing factor. I think the band rarely stays overnight at most away games, if they go at all. Additionally, we do a lot more events for our fans, plus I think the team is at the hotel for longer than for an away game, so that extends the stay for all the team and staff. That is still a heck of jump, though.

        • austinpoke

          Interesting…………I never thought about the band. Do all band expenses fall under the athletic department?

      • LMC

        They spend a whole week at the bowl site. Plus a lot of events. And cheer and band and all the support staff that stays a whole week. It’s as big as the whole season because it’s not just 1 day. Plus, bowl location hotel rates go up by 300% that week due to demand.

        • austinpoke

          In 2015, the football team played the following away games: at Central Michigan, at Texas, at West Virginia, at Tex.Tech, at Iowa State. All of those trips required 2 nights hotel stay.
          The bowl committee locks in the hotel room rates way in advance of the bowl game, so the respective schools are not paying 300% premiums on the normal room rates for the respective team hotels. Additionally, the vast majority of the weekly events are paid for by the host bowl committee. Obviously over the course of a week there will be higher expenses than a typical 2 day road game trip, but the $2.9 million bowl expense was approximately 12 times higher than the average expense of a single road trip.

    • two4osu

      I zeroed in on the bowl loss, too. Damn shame to get a quality bowl and lose our shorts by going.

  • VACowboy

    If OSU wants a program that is consistently performing at the top of the Big 12 and capable of being relevant nationally then you need to spend the money to make that happen. Look at what Boon’s money has done for the program to date. Don’t stop spending just when we are close the top echelon of college football. The old saying that you have to spend money to make money is relevant in this case. You are not going to “cheap” your way to success. Just an opinion.

  • OrangeTuono

    Need a part 2 of the article to look compare our HC and more importantly Assistant Coaching salaries.
    Last I checked, Spencer and Yurcich were at $600K/year which shockingly is low nationally (not sure using TCU or KSU as a barometer is a good thing) for Top 10 or even Top 25 coordinators.
    Another aspect is that AD Holder seems to apply a day-late-dollar-short negotiating tactic when discussing salaries. Reactive low ball offers aren’t every compelling to the folks on the other side of Holder’s desk. Proactive low offers have a much better chance of working.

  • Hal

    Let Gundy leave for the money, paying for equestrian, golf, and tennis are way more important.

    • brentparkey

      To remain in D1, we have to sponsor 7 men’s and 7 women’s sports, OSU currently only sponsors the minimum number of sports. We also have to maintain compliance with Title IX. I suppose we could pay for those teams at a bare minimum, but we can’t drop them.

      • Pistols Fired!!

        …an intelligent post. Thanks.

      • Hal

        sarcasm….i meant in comparison the budget for golf aka holder’s baby boy, compared to golf programs across the ncaa I would like to see how much money is spent on travel to tournaments around the nation when your football program is not bringing in the spending money for you like a Texas is

  • Stilly Wheat

    Just a point of clarification, the athletic department did not show a profit for FY’16. The university subsidized the athletic program with more than $7 million. UT and OU are the only Big 12 athletic departments that are self sustaining (positive net income). So, the question of more football spending does not reside in allocating overall net profit, but whether to allow the football program to keep more of its earnings while increasing the overall subsidy to athletics, at least in the short term.

    • Kyle Porter

      More than $7M?

      • Stilly Wheat

        I actually lowballed it, as I didn’t have the budget in front of me. Look at student activity fees, direct institutional support and indirect facilities and admin support in the budget totals. For FY’16 it’s around $8.5M.

  • OSUgary

    ultimately, only increased $’s from Media Rights and Conference Distributions will help solve the yearly budget challenges ….and maybe even to the extent Mr. Pickens includes OSU n his estate planning …

    however, those type revenue benefits are several years down the road …..but, if you look at the ‘budget issues’ in isolation that Gundy speaks too directly (salaries and recruiting) and tried to address those in the immediate short-term, the #’s seem to suggest a $1.5 – 2M annual football revenue increase could ‘bridge’ the problem till more Media Rights/Conference distributions could make the problem go away?

    In short, maybe an additional $250-300K revenue per home football game would make a big difference in providing the necessary $’s ?

    • JB

      This is what Texas (not us obviously) made in stadium beer sales their first year doing it. Make it happen.

  • 6Gun

    Start selling beer in the stadium; beer and alcohol are sold in the Club Level Seats, why not throughout the stadium? This topic should be front & center until sales are made available to all!!!

    • Frank Eaton

      My man! I can’t like this comment enough! You think Pistole Pete was some tee-toadleing-bible-beater? Hell no! Where’s my Whiskey, Holder?!

      • Stepdaddy

        Can you image the beer sales at last years CMU game or a typical Bedlam home game? There would be more people in the beer line than in the stands.

  • Stepdaddy

    Gundy says he understands budgets but really he doesn’t. If the school is already having to subsidize the athletic budget to tune of $7 million or if as the article says the athletic department makes $750,000 where does he think the additional money is going to come from? Further if he would schedule better there would be more rears in the seats and likely more season ticket sales. Nobody, outside of Gundy cares about playing Pitt. Once again is Gundy being reasonable and is Holder bing unreasonable? According the mullet worshipers Gundy is mullet wearing genius, and Holder is goat. The reality is Holder doesn’t have much to work with. Until men’s basketball and baseball becomes more profitable, there is not much he can do.

    When OSU fans talk about Holder they need to remember no AD Holder= No Boone Pickens; no Boone PIckens = No Gundy and no facilities.

    Holder is the golden goose in terms of fundraising for OSU athletics. Why are fans so excited to see the golden goose get cooked? This is shear stupidity.

    Instead of Gundy whining yet again to the media and Robert Allen (HMW) and trying to appear smarter than Holder, he should spend his spare time trying figure out how to coach against OU. If he would figure out how beat OU, he will be worth more to the OSU program, and thus entitled to more money!!! Until then he needs to shut up!

    He intentionally tried to mislead the fans in the article by saying he was trying to get more money for the other coaches. Some one from OSU called him on it. According to Trammel’ article OSU paid his assistants EXACTLY what Gundy requested. Gundy has now back tracked, by saying he meant all the other personnel (trainers, jock washers, etc). I will try to say this as clearly as possible:
    1. Anybody that believes that Gundy is smarter than Mike Holder is a moron;
    2. Anybody that believes that Gundy has done more for OSU than Mike Holder is a moron;
    3. Anybody that believes that Gundy is more committed to OSU than Mike Holder is a moron;

    Is Holder the one running his mouth to media and whining? Yet some fans blame Holder and Pickens for stirring stuff up. WAKE UP and realize Gundy is one constantly stirring stuff up. Gundy is egomaniac that loves to pump up his own tires all year, until Stoops boot stomps him, then he goes into excuse and whining mode.

    • Russell James

      Still not convinced that you’re not actually Mike Holder.

      • Stepdaddy


        • Stepdaddy

          Funny that i own your account name now!

    • austinpoke

      You’ve obviously had a negative personal experience with Gundy.

      • Stepdaddy

        To the contrary! I cheered for Gundy when he was playing at OSU and I cheer for him now. I simply try to see things for what they are (i.e. reality). I an sick of Holder and Mr. Pickens being scapegoated for everything that goes wrong at OSU and getting very little credit for the success at OSU. IMO Gundy has and is being enormously ungrateful to his two biggest benefactors. I seriously hope he starts coaching and scheduling better, if he does everything else will take care of itself.

        • Pistols Fired!!

          I am not a Mike Holder fan… He is the most arrogant of pricks to whom even Gundy’s arrogance takes a back seat!! So, believe me when I say, this ^^^^^ is truth!!

          • Stepdaddy

            Perhaps you are right. Something is definitely up, because if you merely mention his name people start cussing him. I really don’t know him. I have only interacted with him a few times at OSU events. He must have been on his best behavior, because he seemed like he genuinely cared about OSU. But again I don’t really know him.

          • Pistols Fired!!

            I supporting your stance… just pointing out that I do so not as a fan of Holders, but with a pragmatic view. There is no doubt that Mike Holder BLEEDS orange and black, but when you, as the 20 something head golf coach can raise hell about equal treatment and respect in an athletic dept for a sport that cannot support itself, then you are one arrogant s.o.b. and I doubt he has grown out of it. He does very very genuinely care about oSu… as long as he can care HIS WAY. lol He is somewhat elitist and that doesn’t really fit the Cowboy way, but his successes are undeniable as our AD. His failures are almost as apparent. To date, his biggest, stupidest, arrogance-driven plunder was the inane attempt ‘endow’ the athletic dept by paying premiums for life insurance on regents and donors with no understanding of actuarial tables or the law of large numbers… then suing the insurance company when no one died soon enough!! So, about some things he is an arrogant moron. jmho

            With all that said, you are completely right in your assessment above…

          • Mark

            I forgot all about that deal. LOL

          • two4osu

            I received one of those letters offering to purchase life insurance on me. I remember thinking “I spend too much time on 412 between Tulsa and Stillwater, usually close to midnight. A quick ‘accidental’ sideswipe by a F150, and OSU would be cashing in.

    • two4osu

      “This is shear stupidity.” (perfect Freudian slip when discussing, among other things, Gundy.)

    • Matt Hackler

      You do realize when you say “HE” should schedule better, that Holder ultimately has control over the scheduling, which is a point of contention with Gundy and why he hasn’t signed his contract…RIGHT?

      What coach doesn’t have at least a say in scheduling? Gundy is paid to win football games, more specifically a Big 12 title in the hopes of getting to the playoffs. Do I want to see Okstate powder puff teams, not really, but in the end those games are tune ups for the regular season league play and if I were Gundy, I’d want a say in this as well.

      • Stepdaddy

        Who whines about tough scheduling? Gundy. He has whined to the media over and over about the fact the he believes in weak non-con schedule. Remember when it was announced that OSU would play FSU? He whined for full year about I hope we don’t get a player hurt; it season harder; etc. The only reason the future schedules are getting tougher is because the B12 conference warned KSU, OSU, TTU to quit scheduling weak non-con. games. It is embarrassing and hurting the conference.

        • Matt Hackler

          As I said, I don’t really want to see powderpuffs on the schedule either, but if I were Gundy, I would do the same thing that everyone else does, schedule easy games, get my 4 easiest wins in and then focus on league play! Big 12 is hard enough, hence why most other schools all schedule D2 schools. Not saying it’s right, but he is paid to get to a BIG 12 championship, and getting players hurt before the season starts because they played a FSU or whomever, may not be the smartest way to go!

          • Stepdaddy

            I am glad you do not want powderpuffs on the schedule. As I have argued before, OSU should schedule the non-con intelligently. For example how awesome would it be if OSU played either Neb. Col. Miz., Tex A&M. this year. Those are teams we can beat, they would draw huge local and national interest. Most schools outside the Sec schedule at least one good non-con game ex. Clemson, Ohio St., Louiville, FSU, Miami, North Carolina, Wisc. etc… Generally, big time coaches what to play the best. Thus, Gundy has whine if he has to play anyone outside of Savanah St. If he really wants more money, then better non-con games would sell more tickets and Holder would have more money to pay him. Just my opinion.

          • Matt Hackler

            Keep in mind, its not just about teams we can beat, its also about keeping our players healthy to no derail our chances in league play.

          • Stepdaddy


  • Pistols Fired!!

    Gundy got a C in political science… but apparently dropped economics altogether. Not that he should care… or can. His defiance of the actual record on the Alamo Bowl rings foretells his ever nearing complete loss of reality. This won’t be a popular post, but our coach is getting ever closer to the ‘fall’, since ‘pride goeth before’ it.

  • Sean Flanagan

    The real stat that matters in all of those numbers is Total Enrollment 18,273. We are never going to surpass OU in enrollment or in bandwagon fans, so we are never going to have the ticket sales , TV sets, or booster donations that they have. Boone’s money put us in the spotlight, but I don’t know how many additional donations were generated as a result except for maybe Sherman Smith. Donor money is being directed to much needed things like the tennis center, a new baseball stadium, the soccer complex, etc… I am not sure where Gundy’s extra money is going to come from unless some more donors step up.

    • Matt Belanger

      Where are you finding 18,273? Stillwater’s campus has well over 20,000 students if they haven’t hit the 25k mark yet

      • Sean Flanagan

        It’s in one of the graphics from the article. Not sure what year that is from. It is besides the point, which is we have a much smaller base to elicit funds from. Fewer alumni, lower attendance at games, less concession revenue, fewer potential donors, less T-shirts sold, less viewers for televised games, lower advertising rates, ….

  • Bootstrap Bill

    I think it’s a little disingenuous for him to relate his negotiations to how much the video guy makes. Although that’s probably easier to talk about than his own interests. There is no doubt he has elevated the program and it’s time to get paid. Pay him I said!

  • Doc Orange

    I have not seen it mentioned in the comments, but arguably the issue is Title IX. I may be wrong, but from what I understand for every dollar we spend on men’s sports we must spend an equal amount on women’s. This is likely to be an unpopular comment but if I owned a company that had this type of structure, I would seriously think about closing down the losers. PC can go too far.

  • OrangeTuono

    Someone on one of the boards posted “Mike Gundy is OSU’s Bill Self”. Thing about that for a minute and ask yourself if KU should “push out” Bill Self…

    • Stepdaddy

      Yeah let’s think about that? it is an absurd comparison. Bill Self competes at the highest level annually. He plays the best, He beats the best. He recruits the best players. He wins back-to-back-to-back conference championships. He wins National Championships, He goes to Final Fours. Gundy does not do any of those things. This is just more mullet worshiper propaganda.

      • okstate4life

        Careful now SD…you’re gonna have a lot of fans attacking that are content with the continued state of affairs the football program has been experiencing for these past few years. A lot of “we’re almost there” comments are sure to follow.

  • Matt Hackler

    Hhhmmmmm…..I bet Gundy might settle for a say in scheduling over more money, Holder apparently doesn’t want to allow this, hence why his contract extension sits on his desk for near a year…UNSIGNED! Win a Big 12 championship and get to the playoffs, then go for more money!

  • go pokes!

    did anyone watch ou play last year, they were damn good and no one in the big 12 could unseat them. sure they lost to ohio state and houston (BOTH OF WHICH WERE ALSO DAMN GOOD). of course i want to see us beat ou, but i don’t think gundy’s career should hinge on it. i mean bob simmons beat ou and do you really want that guy back

    • Stepdaddy

      I think your position is reasonable. I think there are some fans just like you that are satisfied if Gundy simply maintains the status quo (clean program; bowl eligibility). I don’t fault that line of thinking at all. But I also don’t think it is unreasonable to discuss what is required for OSU football to take the next step. Again, as i have said many times I would like to see OSU shoot for the moon while we still have top notch facilities. IMO to reach the moon (more B12 champs, final four appearance, maybe even a Nat’l champ) Gundy has to change some things. He has learn to manage the games properly, he has to beat OU, he has to recruit better, he has to schedule better. If Gundy does those things I will yelling with everybody else for OSU to pay the man. But until then he is already generously compensated. It is simple really. If wants more money, he needs to go earn it. In the meantime he needs shut up and be grateful for what he has. Quit running to media to stir stuff up.

  • Mkobize

    Mike is OK. Not crazy about his haircut.