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Mike Holder does not sound confident about SI story

Mike Holder sounds worried and I think I know why.



Here are the statements from Mike Holder on the Sports Illustrated scandal which will (presumably) drop tonight…

That last one is cringe-worthy but man, what a series of statements.

Maybe he’s taking the “set your expectations really, really, really low and maybe we won’t look as bad by comparison!” angle but this is not a good look.

One thing that nobody has talked much about but a reader named Brian mentioned in the comments section today was that Holder is probably terrified of what Boone’s thinking right now. This quote came from a CBS Sports story in 2011:

“He [Pickens] has made it very clear to us,” Holder said. “If we want to lose our No. 1 supporter, then start breaking the rules.”

This after Holder noted that Boone had disassociated himself from the OSU football program for a decade after the Hart Lee Dykes stuff in the late 80s.

Boone’s your boy…until he’s not, and while I don’t think this is something he would bail the program on, Holder probably doesn’t want to take any chances. Boone doesn’t like getting embarrassed and nothing is more embarrassing than funding a football program that was running dirty the entire time.

Stay tuned.

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