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More Questions Than Answers Surface in Homecoming Horror



The question of “why” is always most pervasive in mass tragedies like the one OSU experienced on Saturday in Stillwater. Why did the plane fail in 2001 on the way back from Colorado? Why did it fail again in 2011?

The answers are more black and white when it comes to mechanical devices, less so when it comes to human beings. What we know is that Adacia Chambers lived in Stillwater and drove a car into the parade that killed four humans and injured several dozen others.

But why?

That’s probably incredibly complicated.

“I have deep concerns about her competency at this point,” her lawyer told the Oklahoman. “I’m not a psychologist or psychiatrist, but I can tell you she’s suffering from mental illness.”

He added that he didn’t think she was intoxicated even though she was arrested on charges of a DUI. Her fast food manager who had apparently fired her earlier that morning also didn’t think she was intoxicated at the time (although co-workers disagreed).

UPDATED: Earlier reports that Chambers had been fired are apparently not true.

It appears drugs were involved.

There are a lot of questions. A lot.

But “why” speculation at this point is fool’s gold. Maybe we’ll never know. That would be the most difficult scenario. Hopefully, motives will eventually come forth in Chambers’ case and the folks most closely affected can gain some closure. But in the aftermath of such a wretched event, it’s hard to ignore how few answers we have right now.

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