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More Subscriber Discounts and a Thank You to the PFB Community

We have 50 more subscriptions available at 50% off!



The overwhelming response to our announcement of a PFB forum and relaunch of PFB+ on Wednesday was incredibly encouraging. Thank you to everyone for that. The trolls trolled, of course, but we heard a ton of good, positive feedback (and fantastic ideas!) from those of you in the PFB community who are actually engaged in what we’re trying to do.

We had far more folks subscribe than we planned on, and the 50 yearly slots at 50% off went quickly. So we’re opening another 50 and keeping that around until the end of the day. If you want to subscribe to PFB+ (again, more info here), you can do so at half price for a full year ($40) by going here, clicking on the yearly option and using the discount code JUSTICE4ALL.

That’s 11 pennies a day for the next 12 months to get access to the premium portion of our forum (where KB dropped some juicy recruiting news on Wednesday), ad-free browsing on our site and host of other things.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to PFB for free to be able to comment in our forum (which we would love), but you’ll miss out on the PFB+ benefits.

Overall, we’re nearing 400 PFB+ subscribers and closing in on 800 total subscribers overall. Those numbers are awesome and something we’re stoked about, especially as it relates to building the forum (which I’m leaning toward naming The Chamber thanks to @CCowboy) and what that place could be and mean for our community.

I have to say the last day has been reenergizing for me. So much of working online is a beating. Getting trolled by folks hollering about how much your takes suck (nobody hollers about how good a take is). So thank you for believing in us, trusting what we’re doing here and subscribing to the best OSU news and community anywhere. We’ll keep building that as long as you keep coming for it.

Again: There are 50 more yearly subscriptions available at 50% off. They’ll be gone quickly so sign up now. Thank you for everything, and here’s to a great season!


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