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Morning Fade 11.20.10



Tulsa World reporting there was a 4-hour delay on the flight to Kansas City – Awesome, just what we need before the biggest game of the year to date — an incident with our plane as we travel to/from Stillwater to face a North team in a winter game…we’ve already lived through that hell, let’s not go there again. Also, it’s mildly ironic that Boone, Bo Van Pelt, and Verplank paid for the flight so it would be a shorter trip and it ended up being a longer trip because of the delay…

Chatmon with 10 overlooked reasons why OSU is on the brink of 10 wins – My favorite is “Brandon Weeden’s shoulder injury” — because this phenom pitcher got drafted out of high school 9 years ago and jacked up his shoulder throwing sliders against 17-year old Dominican kids, OSU is about to have its best football season (wins-wise) of all time. It would also be a lot more funny if it wasn’t so true.

Jenni Carlson has run out of column ideas – Isn’t she just embarrassing herself at this point?

Doug Tucker on how OSU could win the South on Saturday – I don’t even want to think about this…

Ubben predicts a mauling in Lawrence today – “There’s no reason to think the Cowboys won’t post a big number in this one, and Oklahoma State’s terrifying trio of Justin Blackmon, Kendall Hunter and Brandon Weeden get it done to head to Bedlam with the Big 12 South on the line.”

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