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Morning Fade – 11.24.10



Here’s what the coverage map for Saturday looks like – It’s like we’re going stark-naked in front of the nation, as if ABC is saying “well, here it is Cowboys, show 300 million+ what you’re all about. I hope we’re all about a skinny post to Blackmon on the first play from scrimmage.

New Heisman rankings on ESPN – About what they should be..although I think Blackmon could jump Luck and LaMichael with a massive Bedlam game. Also, nice to see Weeden make an appearance on the list…

Gundy and Zac talk about how much Weeden used to suck – It’s pretty funny to me that everybody keeps talking about how lazy he was and how they didn’t think he was going to be any good and how Gundy “tried to give him the job for the last 2 years” (total bs by the way). Uhhh, guys…did none of y’all see that 45-yard laser he slung to Blackmon at the back of the end zone last November against Colorado to save the season? Anybody?

Chatmon on the ever-popular Mike Holder – “The Cowboys are 28-9 since the [season ticket] policy was implemented in 2008 and the Cowboys have seen an increase in ticket sales and revenue since Holder was hired in 2005.” We could debate this for days, and we’re not going to right now, but doesn’t 28-9 have more to do with Zac, Dez, Weeden, Kendall, and Blackmon than it does with all the new season ticket holders?

Good story by Mike Barnard on Levy Adcock – “Adcock’s parents said Stillwater is the right place for their son because they can’t envision him at a city school. Mom said he doesn’t talk a lot and isn’t a “look-at-me” person. What does this say about Adcock? Dad says Levy carries around the collar of a beloved hunting dog who died. Mom and dad also say Adcock is blessed to have a position coach who pushes the right buttons. Offensive line coach Joe Wickline is a hardcase who once demoted Adcock for failing to put the proper number of fingers on the ground while in a stance, according to Adcock’s father.”

The quest for .500 – “Tulsa World staff member Mark Foster reports that if the 10-1 Cowboys defeat Oklahoma on Saturday, win the Big 12 Championship contest next week and close the season with a bowl victory, Oklahoma State will have evened its all-time record at 521-521-47.”

Chuck Carlton on OSU against the Big 10 – “Wisconsin would be a hard matchup because of the Badgers’ dairy-fed linemen and power running game. Ditto for Ohio State. But your point is well taken. Nationally, people don’t understand how potent the Oklahoma State offense is this season. The Cowboys can score on anybody. In the hands of Dana Holgorsen, OSU has the Tech offense — but with Kendall Hunter in the backfield. Who do you stop? The defense doesn’t have to be great, just good. We’ll see how it does against Oklahoma on Saturday night.

OSU #10 in SI Power Rankings – Disagree with being ahead of ‘Bama and behind Ohio St.

Adrian Wojnarowski interviews Kobe – I won’t normally post much non-OSU or non-Big XII stuff but this is ultimate Kobe and must read if you’re a sports fan. No matter how you feel about him you have to respect that he could care less about celebrity and everything that comes with it. He has one goal, one singular goal: titles. That’s it. This is my favorite quote from the article, possibly because it’s what I try to do with my writing every day, “The false god of celebrity still isn’t intoxicating to him like the grit, the grind of greatness. He still loves the work, craves the pain that comes with pushing himself – pushing everyone. The craft, he calls it: Honor the craft.”

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