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The Morning Fade – 12.2.10



Gilbert Big XII Special Teams POY – I’m way late on this but I have to get my boy Gilbert some love. I don’t think this is the last time he’s going to win this award.

Blackmon debuts at #13 on Kiper’s board – Really late on this too but found this interesting. I’d like to see the number of underclassmen over the last, say, 10 years who have been in Kiper’s top 15 and not jumped to the league…

Verplank nominated for Silver Anniversary Award – Too bad he’s going against Bo Jackson

Amazing highlight video of Bedlam – Good grief, who made this? And how do I thank them? The clip of Shaun Lewis running away from DeMarco Murray is really awesome. Also, I couldn’t watch the last 20 seconds…

Pokes down Central Arkansas by 12 – I guess we’re about to transition on here more into basketball over the next month. I’m kind of sad football’s almost over but the amount of material March Madness gives me to work with is unfathomable. ALSO, Corliss Williamson coaches Central Arkansas?!? Big Nasty on the sideline at GIA, why did I not know this?!

Best piece on Cam Netwon I’ve read – An absolute evisceration of the NCAAs ruling vs. the evidence presented by the SEC, really great job by sportsbybrooks. And, no, I’m not still bitter about Dez-gate. Ok, maybe a little.

More Cam Newton from NYT – “‘I hate to see the kid get punished if he’s a good kid,’ said Tom Izzo, Michigan State’s basketball coach. ‘But, man, is it going open a Pandora’s box? Now you can go shop someone and see what you can get for them and then make a decision.'”

Last Cam Netwon piece from Andy Staples – “In the short term, life will return to normal. In the long term, a lot of things will never be the same.” It’s almost like it would have been worse if he’d done something small like Dillon Baxter or Dez last year. I think the enormity of the situation is actually helping his case. Very strange.

Phenomenal piece by Dennis Dodd on Boise Kicker – “Try to imagine 20 or so Brotzman family and friends gathering Friday for a watch party. As the game played out the scene became “very somber, very quiet,” according to Michael Brotzman, the 27-year-old brother of Kyle. Immediately after the game, the kicker had 550 messages in his in-box. The reaction was so negative that he had to take down his Facebook page. A man from Oregon called the Brotzman’s mother, Julie, to say he lost $250,000 on the game. When the man persisted, the family called authorities. On the inspirational side, a man identifying himself as the father of Georgia Tech kicker Scott Blair called to offer his support. After 77 consecutive extra points, Blair missed the point-after against Georgia Saturday that would have tied the game 35-35 with five minutes left. “In the long run, he’ll be fine,’ Michael Brotzman said of his brother. ‘Not bad for a guy who never had a kicking coach. He’s self-taught. If that’s the worst of it, I’m OK with it.'”

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