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Mrs. Pistols: 10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State-South Alabama



I don’t normally watch OSU games with Mrs. Pistols. I’m normally either grinding over notes in my shed or at the game or the kids are awake and I’m too locked in working to be of any use to anyone. Saturday’s game worked out, though, that we watched together. As I jotted down some notes she noted, “I think I should do my own 10 thoughts tonight.”


“If you do it, that’s going on the site,” I told her. I don’t remember her response, but knowing her it was something like, That’s fine, the people need to hear from me as well. So without further ado, here are Mrs. Pistols 10 thoughts on OSU’s 55-13 romp over South Alabama.

1. I get that gray has been a thing for the last few years, but it’s going out of style. Mark my words: Gray goods, no goods, 2021.

2. I don’t care who you are, Jags is automatically a cooler nickname than cows. Let’s even break this down to real life. A group of cowboys is taking on a group of jaguars. What are we supposed to do? Shoot them? We don’t win any other way. Pew, pew.

3. QB1 has nice eyes. It’s the first thing I look for after a great arm … if I actually looked for that.

4. Green turf with an orange end zone just screams “That 70s Show.” We need a color/mascot update. Why does tradition always trump style? Catch up.

5. Our daughter’s take …

Her: “Daddy, why are you watching football?”
Me: “I’m working.”
Her: “But you’re still watching football.”

My thoughts exactly.

6. Kyle: “Cornelius is pretty good on the run. Is that one of your notes?” Me: “Yeeeeppp.”

7. We have this giant eyesore in the stadium, and we’re still only the 8th largest screen in college football? Somebody call Boone.

8. Why does every sports commentator insist on using the word, “penetration”?

9. I am glad to see that Zombie Nation is still going strong during kickoffs. It’s one of the few things we have going in the way of fan morale.

Ed. note: Three straight 10-win seasons aren’t bad either.

10. Can anyone tell me what holding is? Definitively?

11. (Bonus) Did the mullet get a perm? I don’t want to comment on it, but I just can’t help myself.

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