• Scott

    syracuse as a 3 seed… not bad.
    I remember about 10 yrs ago Syracuse was a 3 seed and did pretty well

  • Pokes.

    This is great

  • Dreaming Man

    Hey Kyle – She is going to use that bat on you by the time you get to the 3rd region. Be careful!
    btw good pick on SFA (2x), Mrs. Pistols 🙂

  • dSpivle

    I had my wife do a bracket before watching this….Her South matched pick-for-pick in the first round with Mrs. Pistols. No lie. She has Pitt over ‘Cuse though ( ! ).

  • Tyler

    “Tomato seeds” Hahahaha. This was great

  • Rex

    Those “sleeper cells” can be very dangerous.