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My favorite Bedlam games

12 years of Bedlam memories.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

It’s Bedlam week which means it’s time to rank the Bedlam games (that I remember). My memories start (conveniently enough) in 2001. I sort of remember listening to the 1995 game on the radio but that’s about it before 2001.

So here are the last 12 Bedlam games, ranked in order of favorite to least favorite.

1. Oklahoma State beats Oklahoma 44-10 (2011)— I don’t know what can top it. A 71-70 6OT game with a national title berth on the line? Two Heisman-winning QBs dueling for 600 yards each? I honestly don’t know if anything will ever top it just because of how long OSU had knocked on the door and how perfectly it played out.

Btw if you can flip to 3:05 and not get chills when “I got a feeling” comes on, get out.

2. Oklahoma State beats Oklahoma 16-13 (2001) — It’s still the most improbable moment of the Miles/Gundy (and heck, Sutton) Era. The TD Bryant catch, the Rashaun catch, the snapped rose in TD Bryant’s mouth after the game. Les’ intensity in the locker room was maniacal.

3. Oklahoma State beats Oklahoma 38-28 (2002) — Rashaun’s picasso. Fields threw for 357 that day (like Chelf throwing for 680) and Rashaun had 226 of it. OSU was actually up 35-6 in this game. Here’s what Rashaun said after the game:

“We are on the rise. It’s obvious now that we are a program on the rise.”

Go to 4:40 on the video for some of his best work.

The next string of five losses were some of the most fun games I’ve ever been at/seen.

4. Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State 38-35 (2004) — The greatest of the five close losses. I tried to talk myself into ranking this one third but I just couldn’t do it. This was my first one to attend as a college student, though, and it was an experience. Not sure if I’ll ever be that into a Bedlam game again. Full thoughts here.

5. Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State 61-41 (2008) — The final score belies how grand this game was. It was 44-41 with 10 minutes left after a Perrish Cox kick return before OU pulled away with three scores in the last seven minutes.

Dez had maybe the best catch of his career and Zac ran for 90 yards that night. That was one of the first elite crowds in the new Boone Pickens Stadium.

6. Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State 51-48 (2012) — It had everything — an emotional roller coaster for the ages. Landry was 46-71 for 500 and three TD. He threw 71 times!

Monken (I miss him) said before the game “They don’t want to hear about Oklahoma State, and I sure as hell don’t want to hear about them. He also shouldered the blame for OSU’s questionable last four drives (two three and outs and a four and out).

Gundy said this afterwards: “The truth is the better your program gets, the more success you have and the more highly regarded you are, the harder it is to lose.”

7. Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State 47-41 (2010) — I have no idea how this one is ranked seventh because it was a classic. GameDay, Blackmon dragging his leg around, and the Justin Gilbert kick return that almost ended me. This blog wasn’t quite born yet but I still wrote about it. It was one of the more discouraging outcomes for an OSU game that I can remember. I wrote this afterwards:

“It was just the same old Bedlam. Shame on me for thinking it was going to be different.”

Lou Holtz gave a pep talk, too, which provided us with this classic screenshot:

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 12.10.59 PM

8. Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State 27-21 (2006) — The Paul Thompson game. Bobby Reid threw for 82 yards and was the game’s leading passer (this was just seven years ago). The two teams combined for 159 passing yards (159!)

This was the weird game where Zac played most of the fourth quarter and Gundy left him on the last drive where he nearly tossed that back-of-the-endzone game-winner to D’Juan. This was probably the passing of the torch game between those two, as well.

9. Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State 52-9 (2003) — If there was a Madden-like “no way in hell” game, this was it. I remember watching Fields try to go to Rashaun repeatedly on the first drive and gaining, like, one and half yards. I Eli Faced for three straight hours thereafter.

10. Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State 49-17 (2007) — Bradford threw for 150 and four somehow this game. I don’t remember it that well. Gundy does, though. “Their offensive line mashed us. They just knocked us back and pummeled our inside guys.” Sounds about right for 2007. Those defenses were atrocious.

11. Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State 42-14 (2005) — I don’t remember much about this one either. That was probably the worst OSU team of the last 12 years. AD had 237 that day on a bummy ankle and Stoops said “the more and more you feed it to him, he gets stronger and stronger. You just keep at it and eventually, you hit one of those seams, and we did a few times.” He was such a freak.

12. Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State 27-0 (2009) — I have one memory from this game, Googling “NCAA record for punts in a game by one team.” The record is 36 (!), Quinn Sharp only had 14. Great stat from that game though:

OSU total yards on offense: 109
Sharp total punting yards: 656

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