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NCAA Tournament: The PFB Team’s Favorite March Memories



Before the madness gets started on Tuesday evening (for Oklahoma State) and Thursday morning (for most everyone else), we thought it would be fun to distill our favorite March memories, both OSU and non-OSU. Here they are.

Kyle Porter

This is as on-brand as I can possibly get, but I remember an alley-oop from Gottlieb to Desmond in the second round of the 2000 NCAAs against Pepperdine that awed me as a child. It doesn’t carry the same weight as Big Country wrestling with Timmy D. or John Lucas out-shooting Joe Lunardi’s beloved St Joe’s, but memories of that team in that season are my favorite Oklahoma State basketball memories.

As for my non-OSU memory, despite the heroics of Bryce Drew, Steph Curry and Ali Farokhmanesh, I’ll go with TJ Sorrentine … from the parking lot. I never don’t get chills. Ever. It’s certainly on the list — I don’t know if I have a No. 1 or even an order — but it always reminds me of my college experience, friends and those long days when the most important thing that mattered (grades) turned out to have not really mattered much at all.

Kyle Cox

I tried to over-think it. I was just getting into basketball during the 1995 run, but I remember the Big Country shattered backboard more than much of the actual games. The shot by John Lucas is the obvious answer.

Non-OSU Moment: I don’t know that I have one that sticks out. I’d say just the feeling of this time of year. It brings back memories of highlights from some of those great Duke teams with Grant Hill, Christian Laettner and Bobby Hurley and the Fab Five. The Chris Webber errant TO always sticks out, but I don’t know if it’s really a “favorite.”

Jacob Overton

Even though I was very young, the 2004 Final Four run has got to be my favorite OSU men’s basketball memory. I was only 8 years old but avidly following the team (as avid as an 8-year-old can) and cried when they got beat out. My dad went down to San Antonio for the trip and brought back some Final Four gear that I proudly wore around school to show off to my friends.

Non-OSU moment: probably rooting for the Big 12 once OSU gets bounced. I have a lot of conference pride!

Phillip Slavin:

OSU Moment: I hate to agree with everyone else, but that game winning shot by John Lucas to send to the Cowboys to the Final Four will always stick with me. That season and that run are what made me a orange-blooded Oklahoma State fan. I remember sitting in me and my friends dorm rooms in Kerr Drummond watching every game of that run. It was amazing.

Non-OSU Moment: There are so many good ones. But for some reason, Kansas blowing out North Carolina in the Final Four (after nearly getting upset by Davidson and Stephen Curry in the Elite Eight) in Roy Williams’ first game against KU after leaving Lawrence has always made me smile. Mostly because I can’t stand UNC or Williams but also because I like Bill Self. The final score was 84-66, and it felt even more dominant than that.

Nick Welch

Favorite OSU March Madness memory has to be the game-winning 3-pointer from John Lucas III in East Rutherford to defeat Jameer Nelson and No. 1 seed St. Joe’s. Surreal game to watch, first time in my young OSU fandom that I legitimately jumped up and down with joy.

Off the top of my head, favorite non-OSU March Madness memory is Steph Curry and Davidson in ’08 almost making it to the Final Four. That was the first true underdog team in my memory to make it that far. They beat some incredible teams and it essentially was just Steph and some random dudes taking down the giants at the time: Georgetown, Wisconsin, etc. Awesome to witness.