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NCAA Wrestling Qualifier Allocations Released for the Big 12

The Big 12 only receives one bid at 157.



NCAA tournament allocations have been released and the Big received 53. Here’s how they broke out by weight class.

Weight Class Allocations
125 5
133 5
141 6
149 7
157 1
165 6
174 5
184 5
197 7
285 6


What this means for OSU is that each wrestler has to finish in a place at or higher than the number of allocations listed for each weight to get an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament. Example: At 125 Nick Piccininni will need to finish fifth or higher to receive an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament.

The conference has a healthy number of allocations at every single weight with the exception of 157. On paper I would expect the Cowboys to comfortably receive automatic bids at most weights.

Assuming OSU wrestles Wyatt Sheets at 157 — which it sounds like that is the plan — Sheets or whoever the Cowboys opt to send out, will need to win the tournament to receive an automatic bid.

The Positives

1) Sheets has been wrestling really well. The kid’s been good of late, really good when you look at the guys he’s beat and even just the guys he’s wrestled close recently.

2) The Big 12 earned their one allocation here, which means they aren’t as tough as other conferences at this weight. This makes winning the tournament a pretty feasible thing for Sheets.

Ultimately, there’s no reason to think Sheets can’t win this, he’s quite possibly the tournament favorite. But with the one allocation his margin for error is slim.

I don’t see OSU having any real issues qualifying at the other weights. Based on Flo’s Big 12 rankings all should be seeded in a spot to do so. The only question that will remain there is who comes out at 165. If anyone does not receive an automatic bid they will be eligible for one of the remaining at large bids at each weight.

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