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New basketball recruit: Joe Burton

OSU gets another top 100 recruit.



The title of this video says Joe Burton has “crazy” bounce. I think “crazy” might be overstating it, by a lot, but that’s fine because he looks like he can actually, you know, play the sport of basketball.

I hate watching these videos where dudes are just taking oops and launching threes because by the end I’m like “what did I learn?” “Is this guy any good in an actual game or did his brother just compile the six of 392 threes he made last summer and make it look that way?”

I like that he’s 6’6 and can take it off the dribble and, gasp, pass!

He committed to the Pokes on Monday and now gives Travis Ford four recruits for the 2014 season. Here are his recruiting rankings.

National ranking

247: 88
Rivals: 89
ESPN: 53

Here’s what his coach said about him in the middle of last season:

“Joe is naturally gifted, but that’s not what makes him a great player. His work ethic is incredible.[1. Serious question: Has anyone ever thought about calling Le’Bryan Nash’s work ethic “incredible”?] He’ll stay in the gym all day to improve. He’s always striving to get better.”

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