New Basketball Uniforms

Written by Kyle Porter

Good work by Kelly Hines of the Tulsa World (who is killing the OSU beat right now btw) on getting the new OSU basketball unis. They’re pretty slick…

Overall, I like the updates. Not the full-fledged makeover I was looking forward to, but pretty solid nonetheless. The fact that we’re just now getting a back logo thingy (what are those called?) when teams like Gonzaga, Illinois, Florida, and OU already had them is a little embarrassing but so is our program right now so I guess that’s fair.

I LOVE the 1890 thing and just kind of semi-like the Pistol Pete head. I feel like we could have done better (Old Central[1. Or is that Old Central just above Pete’s head?], old Gallagher, the library) than a Pete head, but we also could have done worse (Big Dady’s arms, crazy-eyed Pete, Sean’s face).

The shorts are terrific. I really love the Cowboys down the side though I’m wondering when Pac-Man will appear to blaze through all the white dots and orange lines. Also, the logo on the front, center waistband is so underrated.

My favorite color combo is easily the blacks. They pop pretty hard and really any time we’re wearing the grays I’ll just be thinking “uh, why are we not in the blacks right now?”

B+ overall, and would it have been that tough to just run some cursive somewhere? Anywhere? Just give me an alternate cursive Cowboys jersey and we can go 10-20 every year!

  • Chance

    Based on the drawings, I like the black the best, but we’ll see when they are realized.

    By the way, nice use of Grantland/Bill-Simmons type footnotes.

    • Kyle Porter

      Thanks! couldn’t figure out how to get them in the sidebar but I figured footer was better than nothing.

  • I feel like the dots on the grey shorts should be black and the bars that seperate them should be orange… That would make them pop a bit more.

  • Teresa

    I’m still wondering when we added grey to the OSU Colors – I don’t like the grey football uniforms and I don’t like the grey for basketball either – the Black is my favorite but the Orange is good too but they need to dump all the grey and stick with our colors – BLACK and ORANGE!!!!!

    • KNelson

      It is a Nike thing. They make gray unis for every team, no matter if it is a school color or not.

    • OSUCheerGeo

      Grey is one of our colors. look it up.

  • @arin5000

    Uniwatch calls them sweatbacks. Like you said, I’m a little disappointed it took so long for is to get them.

    Anyway, I like them, decent enough. I don’t think the dots will stand out so much, more understated like Texas, as opposed to how they look on Kentucky’s shorts, for example.

  • Chris

    I think the Pete on the back looks pretty ridiculous. It’s just way too big and to me, just unnecessary.

    • KNelson

      I agree, I think they could have made Pete smaller and made teh Student Union more prominent. I also wish it would have been the library…

  • jay

    Pistolsguy – shouldn’t you have leaked these a few weeks ago? You’re slipping 🙂

    Too bad there wasn’t enough room to fit the Theta Pond, Architecture Building, Kerr-Drummond, etc

    • Chance

      Parker Hall Forever!!!

  • Patty

    Thanks for the info! I like the 1890 at the top, too.

  • Jamers

    As long as the NCAAM uni’s have shorts wider than JNCO jeans and below the knees and tops that are muscle tank, tight I won’t praise any basketball uniform. I’d rather us just wear the practice gear on the court. It’s much more proportionate.

    • Nolo

      Agreed, but it’s a Nike thing. It’s either baggy shorts or Adidas. I’m taking baggy shorts.

      • Jamers

        Lesser of two evils… But you’re right… Dang it nolo… You’re always right…

    • Jheri Curl

      They look like kilts more each day. Way too baggy and way too long.

  • Nate

    Hmmm I actually agree.

    Hate the crap on the back. Why? Really… Why? I’ve never understood it in the first place.

    Gray basketball uniforms are horrible for hoops. Yet to see a school’s gray jerseys that I like. I LOVE the gray football unis compared to the gray bball uniforms.

    Back when we only wore orange on special occasions, I loved em. Now, our Orange hoops jerseys don’t have that “special” feel to them anymore since we wear them all the time. My favorite now is also the black, which sadly, we wear the least it seems.

  • Nolo

    I think they should have put a picture of J.R. Murphy’s on the back.

  • CTC

    don’t like em at all. The stripes/dots on the side of the shorts just look bad and the ghost image back why? Feel like it is just a recruiting move to show them we have the same as other schools. Would have rather had orange helmets

    • Andrew P

      We are getting orange helmets this year pretty sure

  • Chad

    Personally, I would have liked to have seen either Big Country’s or Eddie Sutton’s face on the back of the jerseys. Then… then I would be sold on the new look.

  • Nolo

    You guys need to wait until the actual uniforms come out before you attack them. I’d be willing to bet that those dots on the shorts are going to be holes much like Texas’ shorts this past season which look pretty sharp. I guarantee the shorts are going to be awesome. The image on the sweatbacks could have been something better, but they are still going to look good in person.

  • Pokey V.

    I can’t tell if this is weird or not but I feel like I’d like to see the kneeling cowboy on the back instead of Pete. Again, not sure if that’s a cool way to honor the guys or if it’s too much. I’m also not a dot/line fan of the shorts but whatever. I’ll cough up the dough to buy a pair…because I always do.

  • TheRiversOwn

    It doesn’t matter how many colors they can get the uniforms in, because as long as Ford is in Stillwater, only the orange will be worn. I am still deciding on whether or not I like that.

  • Bobby

    We just got some of these uni’s for our high school team and the “dots” on the side aren’t dots at all. They are holes. The uniforms are extremely thin, so hopefully they have some compression shorts on.

  • Jheri Curl

    Horrible in my opinion. What’s up with the necklace-looking collar?! The pebbles and stripes thing looks like something the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy dudes would come up with. Nike designers stink!