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New Basketball Uniforms



Good work by Kelly Hines of the Tulsa World (who is killing the OSU beat right now btw) on getting the new OSU basketball unis. They’re pretty slick…

Overall, I like the updates. Not the full-fledged makeover I was looking forward to, but pretty solid nonetheless. The fact that we’re just now getting a back logo thingy (what are those called?) when teams like Gonzaga, Illinois, Florida, and OU already had them is a little embarrassing but so is our program right now so I guess that’s fair.

I LOVE the 1890 thing and just kind of semi-like the Pistol Pete head. I feel like we could have done better (Old Central[1. Or is that Old Central just above Pete’s head?], old Gallagher, the library) than a Pete head, but we also could have done worse (Big Dady’s arms, crazy-eyed Pete, Sean’s face).

The shorts are terrific. I really love the Cowboys down the side though I’m wondering when Pac-Man will appear to blaze through all the white dots and orange lines. Also, the logo on the front, center waistband is so underrated.

My favorite color combo is easily the blacks. They pop pretty hard and really any time we’re wearing the grays I’ll just be thinking “uh, why are we not in the blacks right now?”

B+ overall, and would it have been that tough to just run some cursive somewhere? Anywhere? Just give me an alternate cursive Cowboys jersey and we can go 10-20 every year!

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