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I’ve been walking you through the new site redesign a little bit this week and I wanted to make mention of a few new pages I created and where they were housed.

Screen Shot 2012-07-22 at 3.23.16 PMInformation – The first is our new info tab on the navbar. Now if you need to get a hold of me or want to know more about the history of the site and who is helping out with everything[1. Very much an “inmates running the asylum” operation.], this is where you can go. Also where our advertising kit is held, you know, if your name is Clay, Boone, or Aubrey and you’re reading this right now[2. Actually maybe not Aubrey…].

Screen Shot 2012-07-22 at 3.23.20 PMSports – Next we have the football and hoops browsing tabs, both of which I’m planning on adding recruiting and other features to over the next few months.

Screen Shot 2012-07-22 at 3.23.28 PMFeatures – I’m not totally sure what this is going to end up being but for now it’s going to house all the different bigger stuff we do like Open drafts, podcasts, W2B infographics, and former player interviews. It’ll be for all the fun, creative stuff.

Not that our other stuff isn’t fun and creative.

Also, if you want to visit our sport-specific archives you can type in or /hoops or /recruiting or just visit our archives page.

Hope you guys are liking everything, and appreciate those of you who have let me know about the kinks. I’m either working on or have already worked them out.

PS: I added a super-wide feature that displays the text and photos at their max size if you stretch the browser the full width of your compter screen. Nothing special but if you’re having trouble with small text, that will help.

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