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New Recruit: C.J. Curry



C.J. Curry told his dad last year, ” I don’t think I need to go to through the whole process. I know I want to go to Georgia.”

Well things changed on Wednesday night when he called Mark Richt and told him he would be attending college in north-central Oklahoma.

According to this great piece by Michael Carvell after visiting Stillwater and seeing OSU’s facilities Curry told his dad, “I loved it, Oklahoma State is where I want to be.”

His dad is apparently a big Mark Richt (and Georgia) guy but told him he was his own man and could make his own decisions.

As for his on the field play, Curry will be at his fourth high school in four years this fall. But not in a Darius Miles kind of way. His dad coaches and has moved around a lot and Curry has been in and out of various private and public schools throughout his career.

Here are his recruiting rankings:

ESPN – 3 stars
Rivals – 4 stars
247 – 4 stars
Scout – 3 stars

And from the looks of his video, he’s going to factor in very early on.

My favorite part is the 2:30 mark and thinking about what’s going through that poor white CB’s head. I know I shouldn’t say this but he reminds me a lot of Dez in this video.

Plus he has a brother who might be even better.

Not to go all hyperbolic on this or anything but it seems like this is the first time “the facilities”, as we like to call them, have really meant something in the way of recruiting against another school. Sure, they have been important to other recruits but this might be the first tangible evidence we have of someone basically saying, “meh, I’ll pass on one of the most storied, prestigious schools in the country to travel halfway across the nation and play for this guy with spiky hair who likes to run the score up.”

That’s big time.

CJ Curry from Kipp Adams on Vimeo.

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