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New sponsor: Hoboken Coffee

I found the perfect sponsor to go with your Daily Bullets.




As you may have noticed in the last few days, Pistols Firing has a new sponsor for the Daily Bullets.

I’ve always wanted a coffee company to sponsor the Bullets (it’s really the most logical industry given that probably 90 percent of us drink coffee while reading them) and Hoboken Coffee in Guthrie is a pretty great fit.

If you don’t know their story it involves a bike ride from Oregon, an abandoned garage, and an unparalleled love for what they do. Here’s a great set of photos of their current operation in Guthrie. If you like coffee or entrepreneurship, you’ll be jealous like Markel at a Jordan shoe convention.

Hoboken will sponsor the Bullets for the rest of 2014 so you should get to know them. You can buy some of their coffee online here (I know some of you already have, which I appreciate) and if you live in Guthrie, my gosh, get up there and give them some business.

I’m sure they wouldn’t mind some of you OKCers traveling to Stillwater stopping in either — you’ll need it lest you be lulled to sleep by Travis Ford’s “offense.”

We will work throughout the year to hopefully bring some special offers to PFB readers but for now can I suggest the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe? I’m drinking some right now and it’s fantastic.

Lastly, you probably notice a more naked left sidebar as of today as well. We have our main ad space open again (right below the logo). Email me if you’re interested (pistolsfiringblog at gmail).

Thanks again to Hoboken and happy coffee drinking!

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