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Notebook: Oklahoma State Hits 100 For Fifth Time



I offered up five thoughts on Oklahoma State’s ho-hum 36-point blowout over Arkansas-Pine Bluff on Wednesday in GIA, but let’s empty the notebook quickly before (even more quickly) moving on to Wichita State on Saturday (which should be great).

• Lindy Waters has the best-looking shot on the team. Jeffrey Carroll is second. Jawun Evans is third. Don’t @ me.

• Oklahoma State has now scored 100 points five times in 10 games. This seems pretty decent.

• Jeffrey Carroll has scored 10+ in nine of OSU’s 10 games this year. That’s astounding.

• Oklahoma State’s spacing on offense seems to be getting better as the season goes on. That’s the opposite of what would happen under Travis Ford.

• The announcers said on Wednesday that Mitch Solomon is “benefitting greatly” from Brad Underwood. I’m not sure I can co-sign on that one, guys. Speaking of the announcers, apparently they were not even on-site for the game. Broadcasting remotely. And people get mad at me for not going to games! Sad!

• Oklahoma State forced multiple (I believe three) 5-second counts on defense. I presume there is a clause in Underwood’s contract in which he gets a large bonus if OSU gets 50 or more of these in a single season.

• Phil Forte: 2/7 from the field, 2/6 from three. Not great, Bob.

• APB’s 31 turnovers were the first time an OSU team has forced 30+ turnovers since 2012.

• OSU came in tonight allowing a 51.8 effective field goal percentage. APB, which has one of the worst offenses in the country, shot 46 percent. This is going to be a problem at some point. I’m not sure how Underwood is going to fix it.

• Yo, Desmond.

• Antonio McDyess’ son and Bryant Reeves’ son both played in this game in case you wanted to feel old.

• There were 30 combined turnovers in the first half. Thirty! Also, OSU shot 29 free throws. I hate games like this.

• One disconcerting development is the number of times APB got behind the OSU press (when it pressed). It happened so many times that I thought I was hallucinating which end OSU was shooting on.

• This is everything.

• Sometimes I feel like Jeffrey Carroll this year is what we thought Leyton Hammonds was going to be. Or what I thought Leyton Hammonds was going to be.

• Underwood cannot be pleased by the number of alley oops OSU throws. Multiple attempts on Wednesday ricochetted off the backboard and into the arms of an innocent bystander. That likely excites Underwood like a wet fart from a walk-on.

• The ejection of the APB player was … odd. If anything, Lindy Waters instigated it.

• Speaking of Waters, I love him He’s a dude. He’s going to have such an awesome four-year career in Stillwater.

• We had a really interesting debate tonight about whether Brandon Averette or Stevie Clark was better at this point in their respective careers. It’s hard to remember everything Stevie early on, but I do recall liking him on offense sometimes more than I liked Marcus Smart. Still, Averette’s presence is undeniable. He will be the prototype for all future Brad Underwood players in Stillwater. Possibly undersized, but fast as hell and not afraid to mix it up.

• With that in mind, I was thinking about what my favorite five is for OSU right now. Like, let’s say OSU is up three at KU with two minutes left and the Big 12 title on the line, who do I want out there? As of right now, December 14 2016 I want Jawun, Averette, Carroll, Waters and McGriff on the floor. Three freshmen and a sophomore. How about that?

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