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Notebook: Oklahoma State-Pitt



I posted my 10 Thoughts here already, but let’s get to the rest of the notebook on that wild, goofy game in Stillwater on Saturday as OSU hung on 45-38 against Pitt.

• Love the sheriff star on the helmet. More on this on the pod next week, but everything OSU is doing with its uniforms is working right now. It worked on TV. It worked in person. The whole thing was great. I love the mini sheriff star on the forehead. Awesome.


• There were times on Saturday where it felt like Yurcich was calling plays like he’d just read OSU message boards for five straight days. Go route. Go route. Go route. Go route. Go route. Then again, the front of the playbook might have read “Pitt has literally zero CBs that can cover literally any of our WRs.”

• Why did we roll Grogan out there from 49 yards when he has never hit from longer than 47? Where was the freshman that hit from 54 last week?

• This is a brutal game to play right before Baylor. Pitt brawls. There are going to be some sore dudes come Monday morning.

• First Westbrook in a Boz jersey. Now this.

• I really like Cole Walterscheid. He’s a message board nightmare on the name front, but the dude can play some football. Other things I love: having a really good defensive front!

• The announcers assured me at one point when Rudolph went up under center that “Rudolph has been taught how to take a snap.” I laughed.

• Yeah, this was not a TD. It just was not.

• It would appear that we are dealing with 3-4 random Mason Rudolph fumbles per year. Hopefully we got one out of the way today and least a few of the others bounce our way. A bizarre development. Does he have Alex Smith hands?

• You know that play where we hurry up as fast as we can and snap it and hand it off? Like we are trying to set a land speed record for fastest referee-whistle-to-QB-snap-call? We average about 0.5 yards per carry on it historically. But every year …

• The announcer called OSU’s end-of-half clock management “puzzling.” Do you watch Week 2 football, bro?

• This catch was ludicrous.

• One thing is for sure: Rudolph has lost his touch on short throws. He’s in that “I’m Brandon Weeden and I have one speed: Insane” phase of his career. Weeden learned to temper it and settled in. Hope No. 2 can do the same.

• Rennie was terrific on Saturday, but I still think Justice Hill still feels like an auto four yards minimum. It’s frustrating to me that Gundy doesn’t trust him. Of course, he was also the reason Rudolph got bumped and Pitt recovered a fumble in the end zone in Q3 so maybe Gundy has a point.

• Insane!

• OSU had 467 yards on 12:34 TOP in the first half — that’s .62 yards per second!

• Pat Narduzzi had that “nobody in the Big 10 ran plays like this on me” look going for much of the game. That was enjoyable.

• This Chad Whitener play was impressive. Pitt’s fake end-around thing where they may or may not give it to the dude in motion is insane. I know Thomas F. warned us this was coming, but I was not prepared for how difficult it was to follow. Neither was the cameraman!

• You guys can keep whining about Rudolph throwing high and I’ll sit here and watch him throw 25-yard outs off the wrong foot.

• Prez.

• The announcers said OSU coaches told them they wouldn’t even see 50 percent of what they practiced for. That has to be frustrating.

• Lenzy Pipkins talking trash after a 35-yard Pitt run in the 3rd quarter was not the greatest moment in OSU football history.

• This was my favorite defensive play of the night. OSU knew what was coming and just destroyed it.

• Good on everybody who stayed tonight. It looked miserable and scary, but the folks who were there in the 4th rocked.

• The PB&Js!

• This is an incredible photo.

• This seems pretty good.

• Dillon Stoner had three special teams penalties on Saturday. Gundy called him “my man” afterwards and said he had a rough one (which he did).

• Oklahoma State was 6/15 on third downs. Pitt was 4/18. That’s big coming off last week’s putrid third-down offense/defense.

• Ahston Lampkin is on my uni Heisman watch list this week.


• Pitt’s QB was the most Pitt/Iowa/Penn State QB ever. Just a dang prototype.

• This was awesome.

• How scared were you during the last 15 seconds when OSU had to run out the clock BE HONEST! But seriously, how nervous were you during the last minute after everything that happened over the last week? I had the nervies big time.

• This was awesome.

• Gundy ends the night as only Gundy can.

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