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Notebook: Pokes Tally Season-Low in 3-Pointers, but Turn Texas Over 15 Times



I already posted my 5 Thoughts from the game on Saturday, but it’s time to empty the notebook before moving on to the Baylor game on Monday. Let’s get going.

• I hit on this briefly in 5 Thoughts, but OSU’s 3-point self-control on Saturday seemed like a difference-maker. They took 10, and their previous low on the season was 17 (!) OSU still took more shots than the Longhorns (because they doubled them up in turnovers, and they used them wisely. This will be something I’m tracking the rest of the year.

• I think every school thinks their school is the only one that blows leads, gets bad calls and loses heartbreakers. It’s basically everybody but Alabama in football, and it’s basically everybody in basketball.

• These photos are amazing.

• The Longhorn on the back of the shorts is silly. Not a good look. Put it on the front!

• It really is crazy. Mo Bamba is a freak.

• Carroll almost has to score 25-30 a game for OSU to be good. I know he didn’t on Saturday, but Texas is a pretty lousy offensive team so you didn’t really have to keep up with them.

• Here are all the reasons for Averette to take a shot over 10 feet:

• That being said, his little floating 8-foot leaner is nasty. Will travel. Averette is probably not ever going to be an elite starting PG in the Big 12, but man, he’s going to give you a chance to win some games. Also, he played 29 minutes while Smith played just 13 (if you’re scoring at home).

• It was so big time.

• Solomon leads the nation in pointless fouls. He might be the all-time record holder.

• I said this in the 5 Thoughts, but Carroll having to create his own shot is a problem for OSU. It also tells me he probably needs to be going to the rim more than he currently is.

• OSU forced 15 turnovers, but Boynton talked deflections after the game: “(Carroll) led us in deflections. I think we had 17 deflections tonight, and he had like nine of them. He was really active and he was really dialed in.

“The kids did all of the right things. All of the things that this team has gone through, he has continued to listen and try to learn and get better. He’s a microcosm of what this team about as fighters.”

• Eaton!

• Why was nobody rebounding late for Texas when Osetkowaski was shooting free throws? That seemed completely bizarre to me.

• Texas’ defense allows 90.2 points per 100 possessions. OSU put up 105 on them on Saturday. That’s not nothing, and it goes back to a better efficiency because you aren’t yanking from all over the place.

• Here’s Shine on the unintended benefit of Averette playing: “My energy came from (Averette). He was up on the ball, so when I see him getting up on the ball handlers, that gives me the energy to lock down my guy on the wing.”

• Speaking of yanking from all over the place, how good was Dizzy banging his head with both fists after a made 3-pointer in the first half? I want more!

• I legit did not know the Amish were allowed to have tattoos!



• Carroll passed Chianti Roberts and Mario Boggan for No. 31 on the all-time scoring list.

• Lee Manzer is in the Bob Costas/Tony La Russa club of people who never age. Also, the man to his left has seen better basketball games.

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