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Notebook: Richardson Lets Go of TCU Situation, Asi Rocks the Baby and Improvement in the Run Game

Three takeaways from the Cowboys’ midweek availability.



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STILLWATER — The Cowboys are only two sleeps away from a highly anticipated clash of unbeatens.

Oklahoma State travels to Fort Worth for a game against TCU at 2:30 p.m. Saturday. Here are three takeaways from the Cowboys’ media availability this week.

Richardson Moves On from TCU Situation

Dominic Richardson will step on a field Saturday that, at one point, he expected to play quite a bit on.

Richardson initially signed with TCU out of Bishop McGuinness before that broke down and he stayed closer to home in Stillwater.

It was an awkward situation, and Richardson got to release some frustrations against the Horned Frogs last season, running for 134 yards and two touchdowns (on only 12 carries) in OSU’s 63-17 victory.

With time, and TCU’s staff changes, Richardson said he has moved on past that whole situation.

“I was determined to get out there on the field with them guys and just run through everybody and let them know that I’m here to set a tone,” Richardson said of last season. “Now, I let everything go, but I’m still ready. I’m still going to run as hard as I did last year — even harder. I’m ready to go.”

Asi Rocks the Baby

As a defensive tackle, Sione Asi probably isn’t going to lead the Cowboys in sacks this season, but he got on the board last weekend.

In the pass rush, it’s mainly Asi’s job to cause a big enough disruption in the middle to where OSU’s defensive ends, like Collin Oliver and Brock Martin, get to the quarterback. But in the third quarter of OSU’s 41-31 win against Texas Tech, Asi sacked Behren Morton for an eight-yard loss.

A young father, Asi mimicked rocking a baby when he got up.

“It’s what I do 24/7,” Sione said. “When I’m not here, I’m rocking the baby. It was a shoutout to my family.”

The Work Behind Run Game Improvement

OSU coach Mike Gundy has said throughout the early part of this season that the Cowboys need to run the ball better. But how is that achieved?

The Cowboys’ 158.6 rush yards per game ranks eighth in the Big 12. The 3.3 yards per carry OSU averaged against Texas Tech last weekend was a season-low. It’s easy to say OSU needs to improve in that area to take that next step as a team, but there is real work that has to go into getting that done.

“We got to come in, got to get our good aiming points, mike call, gotta have a good, physical day,” OSU right tackle Jake Springfield said. “We just gotta come in ready to work knowing that you’re gonna run the ball, knowing that the defense knows you’re gonna run the ball and you still gotta be able to get five, six, four yards and just be able to chip away because that opens up the whole offense.”

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