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Notes From Mike Gundy’s Baylor Postgame Press Conference



Oklahoma State thumped Baylor on Saturday afternoon inside Boone Pickents Stadium, and Mike Gundy discussed the 59-16 win afterwards.

• Gundy opened by saying that the younger brother of walk-on WR Rhett Boles passed away in an ATV accident this week. Mason Rudolph tweeted about it after the game.

• Gundy said he thought OSU played well “with the exception of turning the ball over.” Said OSU tackled better on defense and was pleased with the turnovers on defense (3 total). Said OSU defended better on 3rd downs.

• Baylor wanted to run the ball and OSU had to adjust. “Coaches did a nice job adjusting after the first drive.”

• “We finally got going there in the second and third quarter.” Said OSU was very explosive and rushed the ball well. “Made a lot of big plays.”

• Said the new linemen played well and that Crabtree held up well.

• “27 pounded on ’em late.”

• “We have to take care of the football.” Said when OSU has been good, they don’t turn the ball over much. Stressed special teams, turnovers and penalties.

• Noted how windy it was and how much it swirls in BPS. “It was a little bit of an issue, but it is for both sides.” Said it affected McCleskey on the punt, “but he’s got to make that play.”

• Gundy didn’t know why Baylor ran it so much and didn’t try to throw. “I was a little surprised at that.” Said he was also a little surprised at how BU crowded the box on defense.

• “When you fumble, it’s a downer.”

• Said 63 of OSU’s 71 plays were pretty clean (makes up a percentage).

• Mason missed a bunch of throws but he also made some good ones. Said 6-7 of his incompletions come from just throwing it deep all the time.

• Said if “one” fields the punt in the first quarter, OSU feels very good about the game. Also threw in Washington’s fumble to start the second half.

• Said OSU has to improve decision making in fielding the ball on special teams and has to eliminate 15-yard penalties.

• Said they told Tylan to stay away from returning punts unless the ball was rotating a certain way. Mark Cooper of the Tulsa World insinuated this, and Gundy asked “are you wiretapping us? I feel like Trump right now.”

• Doesn’t know who’s going to return punts next week. Noted that OSU was better on kick returns this week.

• Noted that OSU’s C-gap on defense was too loose, not tight enough.

• OSU runs the system they run because “we like it” and “we think it’s fun to watch” and “we think quarterbacks would be like, ‘hmm, I’d love to play in that system.'” Also noted that it looks a lot better when you have great skill players, which makes it a lot more fun.

• Mason understands preparation — they go over the gameplan on Wednesdays and Fridays, and he knows it inside and out. “We just have to keep recruiting great skill kids to go along with him.”

• Said he’s not real good at math when figuring out Washington’s numbers. “He’s special. It is what it is.” Good news with Washington is he stays humble. Joked that they’re asking the NCAA for another year of eligibility for him. “We shouldn’t have played him as a freshman.”

• Said his wife said “I threw up in my mouth” when she saw him take his shirt off at Homecoming.

• “I’m having fun now. When we win, I’m having a good time.”

•  Said James and “the other guys” are technicians. Mentioned that the WR depth helps Washington because he gets rest. “When he stays fresh, he’s pretty explosive.” Said they’ve challenged Washington to become a better route-runner. “Like Rashaun Woods.”

• Said Stoner and Lundblade are day to day. Said Stoner probably could have played on Saturday but didn’t because they have the luxury of being able to rest guys.

• “You’re vulnerable every week, just look around the country, you’ll see.” Said it’s all about keeping them focused. If they don’t pay attention and get the information, they don’t play very well. “This is what I wanted our team to do today.” Only thing that could have been better was TOs and personal fouls. Improved kicking game, tackling and inside the 10-yard-line.

• “When you play teams you’re equal to, if you don’t do well in special teams, turn it over and get personal fouls you’re probably not going to win.”

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