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Notes on Mike Gundy’s Texas Tech Postgame Presser



In lieu of Mike Gundy’s regular Monday press conference this week, I thought it would be fun to go back and see what the head ball coach said after Saturday’s crazy 41-34 win over Texas Tech. Let’s dive in to see what he had to say.

• Said anytime you travel on the road and win after not playing well the week before is a good win. “Lot of ups and downs in this game — it’s always that way when we play Tech. I don’t know why.”

• Said OSU wasn’t able to hit on as many big plays but that OSU played “terrific” defensively.

• Said “We have to improve in the kicking game.” Yes.

• Said they need to locate kickoffs better. More short kicks if it’s not going out the back of the end zone.

• Said they want to miss fewer than three tackles a game.

• Said game plans were really sound and assistants did a really good job.

• Said Mason “rallied and played terrific.” Wideouts continue to make big catches in big situations. “I’m really proud of our guys.”

• Said the open week comes at a good time. Guys need a break. Get guys off their feet for a little while.

• Said Tech’s defenders started running down RBs from behind so they adjusted to let Mason run it to give them something to think about. Said it was a mid-game adjustment.

• Said 72 did a good job and put 73 at guard where he’s never played.

• Singled out the kicking game as what they needed to improve on the most in terms of “shooting yourself in the foot.” Had a chance to extend the game and strain Tech, but didn’t.

• Said he should have gone for it the last time on 4th and 1 when they kicked the field goal. “We need to do a better job of finishing drives.”

• Said Tech used a lot of trap coverage on Washington so Rudolph has to go to other guys.

• Said OSU held Tech to 25-26 points minus the pick-six. “That’s pretty good.” Also noted the improvement on third down defense (Tech was 5/12). “That’s a big jump for us.”

• Said he talked to Kliff before the game about how many exciting games there are going to be. Mentioned how important it is to have leaders (Whitener, Edison-McGruder). “That’s the value of having veteran players.” Said young players get big eyes and don’t react well.

• Said Kliff “got a bead on us” with his offense. Eventually defenses run out of stuff.

• Said mental state is “huge” in football. Noted turnovers and special teams from the TCU game. The Tech win helps attitudes in the open week. “We should have won the game, but when you play on the road and make a few mistakes in the kicking game, you become vulnerable.”

• Said if you punt on the drive where Marcell caught the pass, momentum is not very good. “Three’s having a great year for us. He does everything we ask him to do. Out of all the stuff that happened in that game, it was the biggest play, no question.”

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