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Notes on Mike Gundy’s Bowl Press Conference



Coach spent 11 minutes yesterday talking about the benefits of going to the Sugar Bowl and prepping for Ole Miss. He also touched on injuries, Rudolph, Coach Legos, JW and Ogbah, and overall just had some spectacular Gundy-isms!

Opening Statement

• “I’m just really happy for our players and our staff. This is the last piece of a great season. We certainly wanted to win the conference, but we came up a little short.”

• You may have read what Coach said about hearing about the Texas-Baylor game: “I was at an 11-year old basketball tournament in Ripley, America. I did not see a play of that game.” What you may not have read was his comments about the tournament: “The 11-year old went 3-0. So, we had a lot of fun. Saw a lot of crazy parents in the stands.” Can you imagine – flipping out at your kid’s game knowing “I’m a man, I’m 40!” was in the gym?!

On Ole Miss

• “They’ve got some guys who are going to be potential 1st round picks. So, we’re going to have to have some good practices and be ready to play in this game.”

• On QB Chad Kelly: “We liked him in junior college. We just didn’t need a junior college quarterback at the time. We thought he could be a good player at this level, and obviously we were dead-on on that one.”

What About Being in the Sugar Bowl?

• Robert Allen mentioned this is another accomplishment in the Gundy era – 4 NY Day bowl games: “It says a lot about Oklahoma State football and the commitment our players have had here.”

• Then this, which I thought was very insightful: “There’s so many things that, I guess, go un-talked-about. The number of advertisements on TV from now until these games are played and Oklahoma State’s brand is right there next to the top teams in college football.”

• “I don’t think there’s any question bowl games are very important. We’ve been to 10 in a row now.[1. !!!!!] We’ve been very fortunate.”

• “We want our players to enjoy three weeks together. We’re going to practice hard; we’re going to take some time off when we get on location. We want it to be a great memory for our players; but, we also want to be very competitive on game day.”

So, How’s Mason Rudolph?

• “I think he’ll play. I think he’ll catch the end (of practices before the Christmas break) and then he should be practicing at the bowl site.”

• Did he have surgery or not? Interesting answer here: “It’s hard to explain. He had a ‘procedure.’ And what somebody would want to call that, I’m not for sure. I guess you could call it that. His injury wasn’t as severe as some others have had with the same type injury. But, I made a ‘C’ in Biology and that’s as close as I get to being a doctor, so don’t quote me on all that.” Sorry, Coach.

He sort of reminds me of this guy Martin Short used to play on SNL:

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 3.08.00 PM

• Then this: “Until he gets back, JW will get a lot of the work, and Taylor Corneilson will get the other reps.” Corneilson? Again!? Let’s stick with “14”…or “The Oil Baron”!

Other Injuries and Miscellaneous

• “We’re in good shape. 44 and 47 – Seaton and Jarwin, I call them by their numbers – they’ll be back no more than a week from now.” That’s good to hear. I think we’ve missed them more than we notice.

• Awesome on Yurcich being courted as a HC somewhere: “Nobody calls and asks permission anymore. 1-800-HIRE-COACH-GUNDY’S-COACHES is in full effect.” I wish he’d have just dropped his Big Chief tablet and walked away right there!

• Will this be Ogbah’s last game for sure? “I think he’s undecided. We put him through Senior Day out of respect for him and his family. I hope he stays here and gets a Master’s degree for two more years, to be honest with you! We certainly want him to do well. I think he’s a great prospect – he’s very squared away as a person. Hardly ever talks, he’s a great leader.” I’d SO love for him to Marcus Smart the draft…but – nah…

• On JW’s potential 6th year – this was great! “I’m guessing the paperwork’s going to be filed. But, your guess is as good as mine when you’re dealing with the NCAA.” Editorializing here – truthfully, as much as I just love JW and his complete orange-bloodedness, if I had to pick one, I’d pick Ogbah to return in a heartbeat. No disrespect for General Walshington. I just think another year of No. 38 would be immense!

• Finally – regarding Dabo Sweeney (apparently Mike’s bud) and his promise to buy pizza for 20,000 fans: “They must get, like one piece each, right? Dabo probably got in a little deep there.”

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