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Notes on Mike Gundy’s South Alabama Press Conference

Don’t worry, he’s got a ride home.



Mike Gundy enjoyed a postgame smoothie (more on that below) and discussed OSU’s 55-13 win over South Alabama in Stillwater on Saturday. He talked about some of his freshmen, TC’s second start, OSU’s woeful special teams and elite WRs. I took notes and made some GIFs. Hope you enjoy.

• Opened with a, “Played pretty good at times.” Enjoyed the nine three-and-outs on the defensive side. “Offensively we were ok.”

• Said OSU isn’t run blocking very well. “We don’t run block well enough to be successful in the long run.”

• Disappointed by special teams. Same! Also not excited about lack of discipline with 15-yard penalties. Also same!

• “We need to be a more disciplined team, and that starts with me.”

• Told the team that there are times other teams say they’re not going to allow OSU to run the football, and OSU still needs to be able to run the football. But, “You can throw the ball in the middle of the field pretty much whenever you want.”

• Taylor was better. Said he should never scramble and throw to the right for the rest of his career. “He was a lot better tonight.”

• Tylan, Tyron and Corndog are “guys we can count on.” Said they’ll need to play even better in the future.

• Offenses have to base what they do on what the defense does. Said S. Alabama played a lot more low safeties than Missouri State. Not as much opportunity to run it on Saturday.

• There were 4-6 times when OSU should have blocked better and cut Justice loose but there weren’t a ton of opportunities.

• Doesn’t think OSU’s defense has been tested. “They’ve played good football.” Boise will be a really good test for them.

• On the targeting penalties: “I don’t know anymore what it is. I give up.” Said “I’ll never know” on the one with Edison-McGruder because the other player lowered his head, too.

• Hard to tell whether it’s a physicality issue with the OL. Best way to do it is to watch the big screen. “It looks bad when the head coach is always watching the head screen and not watching the game.”

• Gundy the goat.

• Tanner McCalister should be rotating in from Day 1. Our guys feel good about Kolby Peel being in there, too. McCalister has been physical and intelligent. Gundy is clearly a fan. “He’s ma-tur beyond his years.”

• Rodarius got dinged up, which is why McCalister played so much.

• Joked that he tells Kasey Dunn what to do with his WRs in practice. He doesn’t. Dunn runs them a lot to prepare them for game situations.

• “I don’t think two is going to redshirt.” Guessing 31 might not either.

• Devin Harper was a good runner in high school, Gundy said. OSU almost moved him to running back until they saw J.D. King.

• Too many mistakes in the red zone. “One time we penalized ourself all the way to Perry.” As teams get better OSU is going to have to be better with missed assignments in the red zone.

• Good question about whether OSU is ahead of or behind where Gundy thought they would be. “I’m not sure.” Went on to say, “We’re behind on special teams just because we’re not very disciplined.” Too many missed assignments and turnovers on offense.

• Called Boise one of the all-time well coached football teams over a sustained period of time. Get so much out of their guys. “They’ve won so many games they believe they can win.”

• Compared special teams to raising a child at home. Keep correcting. Find out what the problem is, come up with a solution and implement a plan. “We just need to keep working.” Said it’s not the schemes.

• Wants Stoner to be more aggressive on his punt returns. Said S. Alabama’s punter is all over the place — short, deep, everywhere. Hard to field.

• Sinor punted this week. He’s “got a coming out deal on social media tomorrow.”

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