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Notes on Mike Gundy’s Texas Press Conference



Coach is back at it in another relatively short conference, talking University of Texas, Texas players, Texas Tech’s coach and more Texas…and some extremely nice words about Jeff Naple.


• “Felt like we improved a little bit last week. We’re a healthy football team.”

On Texas (the University of…)

• His thoughts on Jerrod Heard, UT’s latest quarterback: “By the middle of the week we’ll have a plan in place to try and contain him.”

• Coach was asked if Heard has revitalized Texas somewhat: “I don’t know what’s going on down there. Obviously I’m not there. But, I don’t think there’s any question they’ve found their quarterback.”

• Is Texas different schematically on offense than they were two weeks ago? “Yes.” Awkward silence. “Let me back up. The quarterback makes a big difference. Could be the same plays – now they just look different.”

• His thoughts on the Longhorns’ defense: “They’ve got good players there that can run. And they’re big up front.

• And on Malik Jefferson, TX true freshman OLB: “He’s one of those 5-star guys. He’s got tremendous agility, speed, and body control for someone at his level.”

On Texas (players from…)

• “Usually players from there, if they get an offer from Texas, they’ll go there. The majority of the guys on our team didn’t get offered by Texas.”

• “Every coach on our staff has a recruiting area in Texas. “

• Does it help recruiting if you win in Austin? (What kind of a question is that? I was waiting for a Big Gundy to drop. But…) “I would think so. Players now days, these young men are influenced by things maybe other than what the public would think they are. But, winning certainly is a factor.”

• “We like the players we have here. Sometimes we take players that other people don’t think are up to par to play at this level for whatever reason. But I’m a firm believer in our system and what we do here. I believe we make players better than they really are and it helps in the long run and it creates a great chemistry for our group.” Love it!

On Texas (Tech – Coach Kliff)

Coach was asked what he thought of Kliff Kingsbury’s little tirade involving Arkansas’ coach Bret Bielema: “I had not heard that. I obviously live in a different world and had not got that far.”

• “I didn’t hear what he said but apparently he was pretty upset.” When told basically what Kliff said, “He probably took it personal if he said that at a Texas Coaches Clinic. I’ll have to talk to Kliff about it next time I see him.”

On Texas (Professional team – Cowboys)

“I’m excited for Brandon. Hate it for Romo. But, it’s fun to watch. I think Brandon will do fine.”

On OSU’s Offense

RA asked if Gundy thought Mason was over “wow” moments, i.e., starting in Austin for the first time: “I can’t imagine that would factor in with him at this point. I don’t foresee that being any issue at this point.”

• How are JW and Mason on the sidelines? “They have a real good relationship. Even Taylor (Cornelius) – those guys have good lines of communication and they help Mason out a lot.”

• Again with David Glidden: “He’s a good route-runner, he plays physical. He’s been in the right place at the right time lately.”

• On the OL: “We’re getting better. We’ve got a ways to go. Each week they’re improving. Over the next 3-4 weeks we’ll find out a lot about the offensive line and the running game.” Wait – is this last week’s press conference…

• But this was interesting: “Experience, at those positions, is so important. You can take a 3rd year player in an offensive line that’s not physically talented enough to ever get in an NFL camp, but he can be a good college player just from experience.”

On OSU’s defense

• Coach was asked about the progress of the Defensive Tackles: “I would say they’re a little ahead of where I thought they’d be. Vince is playing good and Motekiai is giving us some good quality reps.”

• “I like what Eric Davis has done. He hasn’t turned the corner but he’s peeking around it. Darrion Daniels has exceeded my expectations as to what a true freshman could do at that position at this level.”

Random and Closing

• Someone asked if Coach paid much attention to time of possession. Really? “Haven’t looked at time of possession in 12 years.”

• Coach closed out with some obviously heart-felt comments about Jeff Naple (“Pitt”), the Oklahoma State video coordinator who passed away over the weekend. Check out some good stories here and here: “Pitt was a special person to us. I don’t really ever remember a time he wasn’t around here.

• “After Central Michigan he came in at 1:00 and worked until 4:30 in the morning with his wife pushing him up and down the hall in a rolling chair because he was too weak to walk. He wanted to work. He wanted to make sure the coaches had what we needed for the next game. First time he got upset was when he knew he couldn’t work.”

• “Tough deal.” Indeed – thoughts and prayers for the Naples family.

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