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Photo Attribution: Corie Brianne

Really fun month for the blog what with KD doing college kid things and Herbstreit getting Squinky’d. We had our 100,000th visitor this month, which was pretty cool, and way more comments than I could respond to. As always, you guys make this space what it is, so thank you for visiting, thank you for commenting, thank you for being intelligent, and keeping me on my toes. I love being here every day.

Here were our top ten most visited posts from November (with a bit of commentary):

10. November 9 Daily Bullets – Not sure why this was in the top ten, maybe it was the Malcolm Gladwell on Steve Jobs piece?

9. Gundy4Ever – I’m all in, and I think most of you are too. How could we not be?

8. War Eagle – More like “Our QB couldn’t hit Calvin Johnson on a 4-yard curl with three chances” Eagle.

7. An apology – Again, not my favorite post ever to write, but I needed to say it, and you guys were great with your comments.

6. Herbie got Squink’d – I can’t watch this and not laugh, and I can’t get over that Fowler’s question could have been called a dissertation at some schools.

5. 10 Thoughts On Tech – It was fun, wasn’t it?

4. Getting OSU to New Orleans – I’m no John Nash (or Le’Bryan for that matter), but I think this gets the Cowboys to Bourbon Street.

3. Iowa State and the plane crash – I hated writing this post, but loved seeing the responses. #Family

2. What Penn State meant to us – This was the most difficult, and hopefully most important (to you guys), thing I’ve ever had to write on here.

1. KD plays flag football – I feel like every time KD does something like this I say “this is the most KD thing ever” then he tops it with a more KD thing. Easily one of my five favorite posts of all time.

I’ll have a fun OSU BCS infographic for you guys in the morning. See y’all then.

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