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Official: Sean Gleeson Hired as Rutgers Offensive Coordinator

Officially official.



Mike Gundy will be on his third offensive coordinator in three years later this fall when football starts up again. Rutgers has announced it has hired Sean Gleeson to be new head coach Greg Schiano’s offensive coordinator.

Not much new here from what was going on yesterday other than the ink drying on the paper and OSU officially having another assistant coaching spot open. Here’s what Schiano had to say about hiring Gleeson.

“Sean is one of the brightest young offensive minds in college football and we are happy to welcome him and his family to Rutgers,” Schiano said. “He has worked his way up the ranks with a history of developing quarterbacks and highly productive offensive schemes. Sean has shown an ability to devise game plans each week that are adaptable and capitalize on what would bring success against a given opponent. This is an exciting hire for our program and having another New Jersey guy come home to represent his state is special.”

This whole thing has been interesting. Gleeson wasn’t really around long enough for anyone to get to know him all that well, and barring Todd Monken or Dana Holgorsen returning to Stillwater, I’ll always be suspicious about how much sway a 34-year-old OC has when it comes to calling plays for a Mike Gundy-coached team.

Here’s Gleeson on why he left.

“Growing up in New Jersey, I had an opportunity to watch and admire the job coach Schiano did during his time here,” said Gleeson. “He was able to build a program that made the entire state proud and I’m excited to have the chance to help him do that again.”

Rutgers’ OC from last year — John McNulty — made $625,000 a year. Gleeson made $550,000. Gleeson was clearly bright, and I thought he had an optimistic future. But I don’t know that this is the biggest loss in the world for OSU, other than it disrupts the thing Gundy values most: Continuity.

The pattern of Gundy’s OC choices has been interesting. He’s gone big on Dana and Monken, and he’s gone small on Gleeson and Yurcich. All eventually left, and none other than Yurcich stayed for more than 26 games. The one thing he hasn’t tried? Promoting somebody from within the program.

Kasey Dunn staying in Stillwater is official but for the press release, and I reached out to him on Saturday asking about the OC spot, which he (obviously) declined to respond on. There’s still some mystery there. Will Dunn move to OC and OSU hire a QB coach? Will OSU get the band back together with Todd Monken freewheeling from the press box and Dunn in some other elevated role? Will there be co-OCs? There’s still a lot to work out in Stillwater. One thing’s for sure though. Whoever is in that chair will get a massive boost in job security if and when a certain Canadian pledges his allegiance to Oklahoma State for a final year.

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