Oklahoma State Adds 27-Year-Old Aussie Punter for 2018

Credit: Latrobe Valley Express
Written by Kyle Boone

Oklahoma State has added 27-year-old Tom Hutton, a carpenter by trade, to its 2018 team as a punter.

He made the decision earlier this week in what he described as a whirlwind recruiting process, having only picked up a pigskin for the first time a month ago.

“I was told about [American football] a few years ago so I thought ‘I’ll probably be too old for it now’, thinking that it was like Aussie Rules and that if you were over 21 then you had no chance,” he told the Latrobe Valley Express. “But then I saw a few older blokes getting scholarships so I thought I may as well give it a go.”

Hutton made a visit to a ProKick Australia training session in Melbourne in December where he caught the eye of people on hand with his ability to boot it, and things quickly progressed from there.

He was able to kick it deep, keep the ball hanging in the air for as long as the coaches expected at the training session, and it was no time at all before Oklahoma State came calling.

“I woke up after night shift on two hours sleep and this person said ‘we know where you’re going, you’re going to Oklahoma State and we’ve got the coach on the phone’,” he said.

“I thought ‘Jesus Christ, can you give me half an hour? I need to have a shower and actually wake up and make sure this is not a dream’.”

Per a source, Hutton intends to be on campus in July 2018 and has four years of eligibility remaining.

  • SCPokes

    I thought we were out of scholarships for 2018 after recently signing Fofana and Tuihalamaka?

    • OSU2017

      Might just be a walk on?

      • Tbeezy

        Doubt he’s coming all the way to Stillwater, OK just to walk on

      • SCPokes

        That’s what I thought originally, but reading the article, he is quoted, “But then I saw a few older blokes getting scholarships so I thought I may as well give it a go.”

  • Chris

    This is amazing. My new favorite player before he even steps foot in Stillwater.

  • KLG0919

    This is awesome. He’ll be 31 or 32 by the time he completes his eligibility.

    • Bdcoley3

      He’ll be the new “Old Man” that Weeden was called by Dave Hunziker.

  • dnelson

    This guy will be a hoot in locker room interviews. May be worth the scholarship for entertainment value alone.

    • Holly

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      • Lyndell

        Be gone Satan!

    • Annonymous

      Gundy loves entertainment. It’s good for recruiting.

  • Kenny Bir

    If this guy says “blokes” at any point in america… give him the Ray Guy upfront!

  • Troy

    We need someone who can do kick offs and actually get it in the endzone.

    • Pistolo

      This x1000

    • Poke in Ohio

      Troy…this “bloke” is a punter, not a kicker. I am guessing that he will push Sinor hard. Maybe this year during the Spring, Sinor will focus on his kicks and not his Heisman campaign.

      • Troy

        I know he is a punter. We need a kicker. We already have Sinor, whom I am guessing will come back to form. Also the back up punter last year looked good.

        • Matt Belanger

          Yeah that’s not an issue for Amendola. He led TB% the year before last. The coaches are pretty clearly telling him to keep it in play.

          • Troy

            I could swear I remember a post game interview with Gundy where he was mad that we weren’t getting more touchbacks.

    • Charles Cox

      You know our kicker can kick into the stands every time…. he was told not to do so…. plus he did end the season as the national leader in points scored.

      • Big Daddy

        I doubt that. We had plenty of times where we absolutly needed a kick out of the end zone and didn’t get it.

        • PokeNBeans

          We did, however, have a few kicked OOB. Maybe a full time special teams coach would help.

  • Guest

    And a lefty “to boot”;-)

    • 03ee

      Nice. Maybe the reverse spin will cause a muff or two.

    • skipcook

      Pun. Lowest form of amurican huma.

  • Pistols Fired!!

    Weeden-esque. ;-] GO BLOKES!!!

    • Nicholas D.

      Yes. Go Blokes.

    • J Jay Herring

      I’ve sat here for 5 minutes laughing at this, too funny!

  • Bbjd

    247 has him as 2019 will be interesting if he somehow counts towards that total similar to Patrick McKaufman.

  • guest

    He’s a 2019 recruit

  • Darth

    Have we sent Mason Cox over to talk with him yet? Gotta keep that OSU/Aussie connection strong.

    • Matt Belanger

      Isn’t Mason still over there?

      • Darth

        Ha I meant over to his town not over the ocean. I assume he’s there, though I honestly have no clue when Footy is in season.

  • Nicholas D.

    I love this.

  • Mark

    I can’t stand rugby-style punt kicks, so if that’s what he brings to the table I’m out. All I can think of when I hear “Australian punter” is the Texas punter gaffe that won us the game in 2016.

    • Jaskostate

      I don’t care if a punter kicks it rugby style or does a pirouette and sings a song as he kicks it if it goes 60 yards in the air and lands on the boundary.

    • 03ee

      The article mentions his ability to kick it deep with good hang time.

    • Sonic the Hedgehog

      That same Texas punter won the Ray Guy award this year.

      • SCPokes

        and the MVP in their bowl game.

        • Arkady Vachon

          Yeah, that guy was dropping that rock close to the opposition’s goal line almost every time. If our D is up to snuff they’ll be salivating for scoring safeties

    • zachattachone

      No it is a technique pretty unique to AFL players. Just watch tape of the Utah punter

  • Phi13

    To quote Gundy’s mentor on the topic of punters: “If the guy can’t speak Australian, I’m not interested.”

  • rod

    “Punters with Attitude” seems to be our new M.O.

    Love it.

    • Darth

      More concerned if they have Altitude. And it sounds like this guy is fair dinkum so good for us.

  • matthew wade

    The best part of the attached article…..”After talking with the special teams coach..” Do we have one of those? Who did this kid…errr Man, talk to?

  • GoPokes

    So he’ll punt for us for four years, go pro, and be a 31 year old rookie.

    • Arkady Vachon

      Hehe if he can punt that pigskin downrange and has deadly accuracy then we’re going to be giving teams fits no matter his age.

  • Corey

    Is this satire?

  • Brian Cassens

    Hutton for Heisman?

    • kspokesfan

      Might as well get it going…

  • Arkady Vachon

    This is going to be fun, especially if he is accurate at dropping that rock near their goal line. Let’s see the D-Line rack up some safeties every game off those

  • KLG0919

    Reminds me of Nigel, the kicker on The Replacements. He’s wirey!

  • OrangeTuono

    He will definitely give the media something to cackle about.

  • Ray

    So one of my countrymen is off to Blokelahoma. You blokes won’t know what hit ya! 🙂