Oklahoma State hires Mike Yurcich as new offensive coordinator

Written by Kyle Porter

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You’re drunk, Gundy. Go home.

After two straight hires of Dana Holgorsen and Todd Monken, OSU has hired a guy named Mike Yurcich as its new offensive coordinator/QB coach.

Gundy made the announcement on Twitter this morning (possibly from either his back porch or maybe the Bagel Cafe in Stillwater). Who knows…



Here’s what Google tells me about Mike Yurich:

He graduated from California University (of Pennsylvania) and played QB there. He got his Master of Education from Saint Francis (Indiana) (he was a grad assistant briefly at Indiana) then moved on to Edinboro University (Pennsylvania) where he was the OC. He became the OC at Shippensburg University in Shippensburg, PA in 2011.

Now, as of today, he runs one of the best D1 offenses in the country.

Here were his stats last year for Shippensburg — a D2 school.

Salty, and Gundy does love him some numbers. He also likes this.

It was weird though, no warning, no press release — heck, Gundy could have announced it at his press conference yesterday. Yet he announces it via Twitter 12 hours after he says he doesn’t really understand Twitter.

The lesson as always, I guess? Don’t try and predict what Mike Gundy is going to do.

Three more hilarious tweets.

I can’t wait to see this guy rolling through the B1G as Indiana’s head coach in 2016.

Lastly, here’s a video of his offense from last year (they look like a high school team!)

And here’s video of him breaking down plays with Star Wars Lego figures!

  • Mark

    You gotta be effin kidding me. He hired who?!? And he breaks down plays with Lego figurines? I am at once petrified and ecstatic all at the same time. Kinda like the last two OC hires.

  • Just no 10 year contract please.

  • That star wars lego breakdown might be one of the best things I’ve ever seen. He probably just sent that to Gundy and got hired on the spot.

  • Scott

    simmer down Mark. YOU could run this offense. “Do exactly what Dana did”.
    and do you really think the lego thing is real?

  • Orangestateofmind

    Lol!!! What in the hell is going on around here?!?! I guess in Gundy we trust. And Gundy just entered the Tyson zone with coaching hires

  • Keller

    Of course Darth Vader plays TE, everybody knows that!

  • Kcshep

    1. I saw about a dozen INT’s, can he bring a few DB’s with him? 2. He looks alright, just hope he is disciplined enough to keep the TO’s down. 3. How can you put Yoda on the O-line? He’s like 2 ft tall!

    • orangestateofmind

      haha, good thing we still have wickline to pick out the o-lineman. There must not have been a chewbacca lego he would be an all-american on the line. Also are we going to find video of Yurcich coming up with an all-time star wars football team?

    • Daren

      Yoda can use the Force to hold his block.

  • Daren

    This may be a great hire. Multiple looks on offense. Perfect for J Dub and Wes.

  • Twatty

    When will our band play cool music like the shippensburg band in that first video (words I never thought I’d say, but true)

  • OSUaggie

    This is PERFECT!!!!!! Another crazy guy to run the offense….I’m drinkin’ the koolaid…..Both Holgy and the Monken were *NOT* what you would call the average every-day guy. I think Gundy has figured something out with Offensive Coordinators to run the wild-man offense…

  • Mark

    Man, I hope he keeps that sort of thing going – we need something zany to fill the absence of Monken. What always troubles me with this sort of hire is the disparity of competition moving from D-2 to D-1. I mean, his stuff may look good against a high school team, but against…. Oh, what the heck,… who am I kidding, all the defenses in the Big 12 look like high school anyway – We’ll be fine!

  • Brian

    This thread is hilarious. I too especially like the Star Wars Legos bit. How in the hell can R2D2 snap the ball? As long as Yurcich can relate with the players, he will do fine. Our offense hasn’t been and won’t be the problem.

  • Haha! I’m laughing about the spelling observation! If our internet fans can’t spell “Meacham,” (and they can’t), I don’t know how the heck they will EVER manage Yurcich.

  • Brian

    This is Gundy’s way of saying, “Anybody can run this thing, my son is next, just wait til he’s 14!”

  • If you pause the Shippensburg video at 0:29…I find the fact that “Shep” is playing against “Ship” quite amusing.

  • Doesn’t matter who you hire. If the offensive success continues, in two years folks will come calling with lots of money. Gundy has created his own monster.

  • tomg

    This hire lets me know that Gundy has either tired of the revolving door at OC that comes with past guns for hire or couldn’t get the gun he wanted. Welcome aboard and hope you enjoy your stay in Stillwater.

    • larry

      +1. do not think gundy was waiting to see if nfl plucked this guy.

  • Zach

    Good lord. “Um..that’s correct R2D2 is the center”. I love him already.

  • dooley


  • Jason

    What is lost in all this is that the tweets posted are from the future.

    • Brian

      He tweeted the hire from Kazakhstan where he is recruiting a punter.

  • Jadecy

    Boone Pickens: “Son, I give you money to go buy a Cadillac and you come home with a Prius?”

    • Yes…but it’s a Prius with a 460 turbo fusion engine.

  • osuvet

    Mike Gundy Don’t care, Mike Gundy don’t give a $h!t. He don’t care what other people think, he gonna do what he thinks best for the team

  • Pel

    Sweet! We just hired Gronk!!

  • the Star wars lego video reminds me of Bud Wilkinson using the old electric football game players on his Kerr-McGee TV coaches show back in the 60’s

  • Alex

    “The ball will be in the air a lot”

    3rd and 18 on our own 7 yard line -> HB Draw