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Oklahoma State Offense Rebounds Back to Average Efficiency in Gundy Era



Oklahoma State was good not great this year on offense. It was, well, better than most in the Gundy era though. Last year was abysmal. OSU averaged 1.88 points per drive on offense. The worst since 2005, Gundy’s first year.

This year, Mike Yurcich and Co. rebounded to a respectable 2.78 number which ranked No. 21 nationally. That’s pretty good considering Oklahoma State ranked No. 111 nationally in yards per rush. The average points per drive in the Gundy era is about 2.6 so this year’s team beat that average.

Here’s a look at every year in the Gundy era.

Pokes. (USATSI)

Obviously this can change with bowl season but unless we get a monsoon like Baylor and TCU did (which took Baylor’s PPD down by nearly half a point!), this isn’t likely to change all that drastically. Like I said, it was a good (not great) year for Mike Yurcich. That number needs to rise as Mason Rudolph gets deeper into his career and OSU’s linemen continue to develop.

“I’ve been very fortunate to be around some good football coaches on (the offensive) side of the ball,” said Gundy earlier this year. “Different styles of coaches. (Yurcich) certainly is very intelligent and very creative. He has developed into what I would describe as a good teacher.

“He’s kind of a young and rising star in this profession. Fortunately, I’ve had him for three years now. Hopefully, we can keep him here for a while and let him develop. He’s done really well.”

He has done well (especially this year), but I need to see more than one year above 2.5 PPD to call him a star.

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