Oklahoma State Recruiting: Five Prospects to Watch in 2019

Written by Kyle Boone

With the 2018 recruiting class officially in the books, the staff can turn all of its attention toward 2019 and beyond.

The groundwork for a strong class has been laid with the early addition of Collinsville four-star tight end Grayson Boomer, but there’s plenty of other names — both within the state and in the region — that are atop the big boards entering the spring.

Here’s a look at five for 2019 to watch.

Millwood High’s Demariyon Houston is the No. 3 overall prospect in the state, and the fact that he’s only a short car ride from Stillwater has proven beneficial. He’s made numerous recruiting visits to Stillwater and the staff has built a sturdy relationship with him.

Having a reigning Biletnikoff winner should only boost OSU’s chances of landing Houston. He’s an elite down-field threat who can line up in the slot or on the outside, and he’s a proven playmaker as a return man on special teams.

By now you likely know of Dax Hill, the younger brother of OSU running back Justice Hill who has exploded nationally with offers from everywhere. Dax, a five-star safety from Booker T. Washington, is the No. 24 prospect in the 2019 class and the top-ranked player in the state.

Ohio State is picking up steam in his 247Sports Crystal Ball predictor, but the real OSU still has a shot here.

Last time I spoke with Hill, his plan was to make a commitment early in his senior year or in the summer after his junior year (this summer) to avoid a last-minute signing day decision. He’s looking for the right fit, and while OSU’s family connection will undeniably play a factor, it won’t be the only thing going into his decision.

If he were to commit to the Pokes, he’d be the second-highest rated prospect (behind Bobby Reid) to ever sign with the orange and black.

Wichita native Marcus Hicks is another defensive blue-chipper who will have his pick of the litter when he finally sits down and make a college decision. The 6-5, 236-pound edge rusher has 18 offers and counting but the other Oklahoma team has the edge according to recruiting experts.

Still yet, Hicks has visited Stillwater as many times as most fans over the last year. He has a good relationship with Joe Bob Clements, and more importantly, OSU’s culture and atmosphere is enticing to a rising star with a mostly reserve demeanor. He could shine as a Cowboy.

Grayson Boomer’s made it a point to go out of his way in recruiting Hicks, too.

Shortly before Glenn Spencer and Oklahoma State parted ways, four-star defensive tackle/defensive end DeMarvin Leal named Oklahoma State among his final suitors. Despite the turnover, OSU is still in the mix as Joe Bob Clements has been his primary recruiter.

The four-star recruit from Judson is also being pursued by Bama, Clemson, Texas A&M and others. So, hold your breath at your own peril. This one may be more of a pipe dream, but it’s noteworthy that OSU needs tackles more than it needs anything in 2019. Leal would help and provide versatility anywhere on the line.

Blue-chipper delight here, but it’s not a random prospect despite the optics. Will Putnam, whose brother wrestles at OSU, was offered last fall. He made a visit to Stillwater in January and is considering OSU along with Ohio State, Miami, Auburn and plenty of others.

This one is probably a long shot but still a name worth watching. Oklahoma State’s never signed an offensive lineman as highly-rated as Putnam. The closest to him, Tramonda Moore (rated 94.80 by 247Sports), never played for OSU and recently signed with Oklahoma.

  • Guest

    Family connection didn’t help land sterns, wouldn’t be shocked if it didn’t help with dax….

    • StillOriginal

      Landed C.J. Moore

      • guest

        Didn’t help with the younger Rudolph

        • Kenny Bir

          Helped land Donovan And D’Juan Woods (spelling?).

          • Big Daddy

            A few weeks ago, I started a whole thread “Brotherly Love” on OrangePower on this exact topic

            We ended up with a pretty good list of Hits and Misses

  • OSUgary

    Kyle, the recruiting service(s) has Demaryion Houston as 100% OU. Yet you report he has made multiple trips to Stilly and built “sturdy relationships”. If you were to ask the DH directly “why the recruiting services have him 100% OU” how would he answer that question? is it true or is he truly considering OSU? If so, what probability % would he give on that possibility?

    • Bbjd

      Those projections are just guesses based on the information that people are able to gather on the decision making of 17 year olds. Grayson Boomer was 100% to OU prior to commiting to Okstate.

      With that said OU is the favorite and they really are the favorite for just about any instate kid, Demaryion does have a good relationship with Okstate though (for example his pinned tweet is from Okstate Junior Day) and hopefully he chooses the good guys.

      • Fan5

        Boomer WAS going to OU until they got a commitment from a true 4-Star out of Texas and they backed off Boomer/he backed off due to the commitment. Good kid but there’s a difference.

        • Bbjd

          Interesting that you know the decision he WAS going to make a year before he’s even made it.

          I’m going to stick with a 17 year olds decision making processes is fluid and a lot of it is guess work.

    • Elijah Harris

      Houston is definitely not 100% OU ..if I have anything to do with it!! He’s family so have been definitely pushing him towards the orange since day 1!!

  • Edmond Poke

    Family connections didn’t help land Rudolph’s younger brother, either.

  • James Abernathy

    But it did help land a certain receiver with the last name Moore. Also, neither of those other were from Oklahoma. They both STAYED HOME. So if Hills brother follows that trend???

  • Bbjd

    If we got any of these guys along with Grayson this would be a strong top to the 2019 recruiting class in my opinion but it is going to be tough. Hicks and Houston are OU leans at the moment both have a lot of interest in Okstate though. Putnam, Hill and Leal all can pick any school they please in the nation and will get a scholarship.

    Hopefully we can pull at least 1 and maybe 2 of these guys because they are special players that would make an immediate impact on the program.

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  • Sonny

    Ya know, OSU is “State” in that flick “Jonny be Good”, right? OSU is that really solid by the book program promising an opportunity and an education, while other programs bring cash to home visits. It’s impossible to win the game if your rulebook differs from others.

    • Adam M.

      I hope you’re not suggesting we play by their rulebook.

      • Sonny

        Yes. I think MG should gather up all of YOUR money, and give it to recruits as he horserides bareback and shirtless through Texas and Oklahoma. Actually, he should ride Blackjack.

        • Adam M.

          Well that would be weird.

          • Sonny

            As was your insinuation.

          • Adam M.

            It’s not a bad insinuation if that’s why you’re bishing about being behind the competition.

    • SirAwesome

      We have got to stop using the excuse that the reason we are getting out recruited is because the successful schools are cheating. Given the fact that we finished 5th in our conference in recruiting I doubt that Baylor (already in trouble), TCU, and WVU are showing up with bags of cash. The truth is, we are not winning conference titles, making the playoffs, or developing players into 1st round draft picks. Also, as a proud OSU graduate, I have no problem saying that many of those top schools outside of the Big12, also offer a better education. So as much as we would like to THINK it’s because of cheating, it has more to do with losing to KSU, TCU, Central Michigan, all at home, not finding away to beat ou, only having won the conference ONCE, and not being known for developing more than one high ranked draft pick every 4 years (crossing fingers that changes this year), is truly the issue.

  • AvidLunchableEater

    Hill is a program changer.. We cant lose out on him.

  • Seth

    My gut feeling is we miss out on Demariyon, but land Hill, Leal, Hicks, and Putnam. Those four plus Boomer spell a great top end of a class.

  • TeaTown Cowboy

    I don’t remember Bobby Reid being a 5-star, pretty sure he was a four. Herschel Sims on the other hand was a 5. Dax is pretty special, we definitely need to go all in on that dude.

    • David

      He was a 4 star through Rivals, not sure on Scout.

    • Matt Hackler

      Thara kinda distubing knowing what a bust Reid was. If he was so highly ranked, then the rankings don’t really mean much and Gundy and his coaches should evaluate based in what they see, not so much on what they read about recruits.

      • okstate4life

        Tell that to Bama. But you’re prob right..that philosophy has worked wonders for us with all of our Big 12 championships, CFP appearances and all.

        • Matt Hackler

          I have no doubt Bama has their share of busts, they just get so many more of the good players that you hardly notice the ones that don’t pan out, they either sit in the bench and wait for a ring or they transfer somewhere in hopes they can play and get to the NFL. I think most sit and wait on their chance and to get the National Championship ring.

      • SirAwesome

        Truth is Bobby Reid should have left with Les Miles. he was not a spread QB. He excelled under center in the I-Formation. He was not going to be Vince Young, despite the “presumed” similarities. We got on here and spend so much time calling kids “bust” and never point the finger towards the individuals being paid Millions of Dollars to ensure that a kid is NOT a bust.

        • Matt Hackler

          Considering the lower ranked players Gundy has recruited here at Okstate, then your argument would be that he is doing a good job of coaching up the players he is getting and I would agree! However, we should be getting more than we are! Part two, the player has to do their part, in the case of Bobby Reid, he was a bust…PERIOD! Never did anything worth mentioning even after he left Stillwater. The should be held accountable and I think they are to a degree….I think Spencer getting let go was a part of that as he wasn’t getting the defensive players we have had even just a few years ago…and that falls on him! Time will tell with the new DC!

          • SirAwesome

            You might want to go out a do a google search on Bobby and some of the numbers he put up before you use terms like bust. And see how his performance matched up under Les Miles and an offense that suited him, versus the spread offense that Coach Gundy incorporated. As far as when he left Stillwater, his mistake again was sticking around to try and adapt. And I am saying the exact OPPOSITE in terms of what coach Gundy is accomplishing with lower ranked players. The last Big bowl he won was in 2011 (The Fiesta Bowl), we lost the Cotton Bowl and the Sugar Bowl. The alamo bowl, dallas bowl, cactus bowl, and camping world bowls are NOT major accomplishments. The shift in the talent that is showing up in Stillwater can be correlated to the departures of Joe Deforest, Doug Meachum, and Joe Wickline. 3 of your best recruiters/developers we have had. Coaches move on, however, you increase the chance of that by passing over them for someone that is less qualified AND accomplished (See Mike Yursich hire).

          • Matt Hackler

            Don’t disagree, the best recruiters were the ones you list, I would hire any one of them back tomorrow if it were me! In regards to performance, we still recruit guys who are low on the rankings and get a lot of out of them, what I am saying is we need more of them and we cannot even do that and end up settling for juco transfers or walk-ons. We can do better and should!

          • SirAwesome

            I couldn’t agree more. The tough thing is, it’s hard to speak candidly and not be considered negative. However, I love my alma mater, have no problem have arguments with local sooner fans, and attend every home game, bowl game (except camping world), and at least one road game EVERY SEASON. I am realistic about where we stand, we aren’t and will NEVER Be Bama, Ohio State, Michigan, OU, etc, etc, however, we have seen what can happen when you make a change and develop a different attitude. I look at Clemson and Oregon, to very successful programs but NOT traditional Blue Bloods. Now money and location have benefited them, but my point is, it took a hire and change in attitude to light the spark. Georgia stepped away from Coach Richt and with in two years was in the Nat’l Championship game. Conversely, Coach Richt got to Miami and with in two seasons, was a game away from being in the playoffs. Change is NOT a bad thing. Sometimes you have to accept that an individual and a program has gone as far as they can go TOGETHER. When Coach Gundy was willing to allow individuals with stronger personalities and skills sets to flourish in our program, we had success AND talent. He made a hire in Coach Yursich to appease his ego and have someone that would not overshadow him. Ask yourself, what’s the motivation to do better if I can get a raise for consistently being above average. There is NONE. If Coach Gundy is NOT willing to put people on his staff that are up and comers and have a feel for the new atmosphere in college football then YES it is time to go. I have mentioned before, we pay top 15 ticket prices that are continually increasing, his pay puts him very near top 10 in coaching salaries, and YET we have been convinced that holding steady in the 30’s in recruiting, finishing 2nd or 3rd in conference, reaching mediocre bowls, is OK. Our issue is NOT that everyone else is cheating, it is NOT that the kids aren’t trying hard enough, and it is NOT that we don’t have the facilities to compete. We are still overly grateful that we are no longer in the 0-10-1 era (by the way both Bob Simmons AND Les Miles achieved better than that, and the facilities and ticket prices are not the same from that era either). OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY CAN DO BETTER. We won’t do better, however, until we as a fan base stop making excuses and EXPECT better.

          • Matt Hackler

            Agreed! However, Gundy hired Yursich to avoid losing another OC in such a short amount of time like his did monken and holgersen…its less about ego! If ego were the issue, he would go back to calling plays himself!

            That being said, the one thing I have a problem with on Gundy is he is loyal to his coaches to a fault, it took way to long to cut Spencer loose and IMO, it cost us many of the close games and in many regards…probably some good recruits that were in on! He has to make the hard calls to do what is good for the university, alumni, players and the team!

            You need to have a strong EGO to coach in the BIG 12 and that may be a bigger part of the criteria that should be on any new hires for the future! Big egos seem to have more success than do those who are more passive!

          • SirAwesome

            I don’t mind the ego as long as it is consistent, like when there is an ou on the helmet on the other side line. Are we under the impression that Dabo Sweeny, Nick Saban, Urban Myer, etc etc, don’t have to replace OC’s and DC’s? The thing to do, is go out and find the next great talent, NOT, had the keys over to someone that is unproven, from a program that most have never heard of,

          • okstate4life

            Yurcich is a good recruiter. Too bad he doesn’t know what to do with them once they get here. But I guess that’ll happen when you’re used to workinging with D2 talent at Popcorn U. On that note, I pray Sanders is already a Heisman talent level player when he first sets foot on the field because if he’s not, he sure as hell won’t get developed into anything near during his career at OSU.

          • SirAwesome

            I agree, he is GETTING talent, but not DEVELOPING the talent. He hitched his wagon to Mason and has done nothing to improve the skill set of the other guys in the room(explain to me how a guy that was wanted by Michigan, Louisville (just had a Heisman QB), Auburn, (had the best QB in SEC last season), gets to Stillwater and before the entire year is up, it’s determined that he can’t play the position. The guy brought in John Kolar, a 4 star, Top 100 kid, MIS major, and we don’t even mention him. He had the physical tools, and brought up his major to emphasis his level of intelligence. I won’t even mention the play calling. Something has to give.

          • TeaTown Cowboy

            If Kolar is all that and a sack of goobers why can’t he beat out Corndog for backup? He’s not even 3rd string. I think it’s probably more on Kolar than anyone else. Is he a hard worker? I hope you aren’t implying Kolar is better than Rudolph cause if so, LOOOOOOOOOOOL.

          • SirAwesome

            I am actually NOT implying anything, I believe my comments were based on Fact and what we have seen. It actually had nothing to do with Mason, and more to do with Mike Yursich inability to develop a QB. However, since you bring up Mason, I will say this. The next few months leading up to the draft will tell us EVERYTHING we need to know about how well Mason was coached and developed during his time in Stillwater under Coach Yursich. I think what the EXPERTS will tell you is that despite the impressive numbers put up at OSU, Mason lacks the ability to consistent throw any ball OTHER than the deep post route. I watched Kolar play spring game of his Freshman year and the talent was definitely there. However, his game has regressed, and apparently, NO ONE in the QB room has shown any growth. I am a Cornelius Fan, however, everyone is going STRAIGHT to Spencer Sanders as opposed to “Corn Dog” who has been in the program for 5 YEARS! I believe the fact that Kolar worked hard enough to Graduate early and be on campus for the spring semester as a high schooler speaks to his “Work Ethic” as well as his Intellect. So back to the ACTUAL point that I was making, which is, Mike Yursich has YET to show that he is a QB coach that can make a difference in a players game…and that includes Mason Rudolph. I am sure your retort will include the fact that he passed Brandon Weeden on the all time stat sheet, the number of games won, HOWEVER, Brandon Weeden had an 11 win season, a BCS bowl win, and has been a starter in the NFL. Two of those feats are already beyond Mason, let’s see, (and HOPE), that he gets the chance to be an NFL starter.

          • TeaTown Cowboy

            Fact, LOL. I’m not an apologist for Yurcich so I won’t argue that. Kolar can’t even beat out Wudtee for 3rd string so I think your fact isn’t so factual. Do you think the coaches would favor Wudtee as 3rd string over Kolar if they think Kolar is better?

            I wanted Kolar to have success as well, esp being an Oklahoma kid and also being from Norman. Sometimes it’s not just on the coaches…

          • TeaTown Cowboy

            I think a lot of that is due to play calling. I don’t know if Gundy’s telling them to go conservative, as reported, at times or not but Yurcich tends to have tendencies that defensive coaches pick up, and certain plays that he calls that rarely if ever work, e.g. running wide to the short side of the field which he will call at least twice a game.

            We’ll see how great he is now that we lost some skill players, luckily we’ve got some solid receivers so drop off won’t be great there but QB is a huge question mark. Personally if Cornelius starts I would run him 10~15 times a game, and I don’t mean designed runs, I mean RPO whereby if he sees it open by all means take off, cause the dude can carry the rock and put the hurt on some would-be tacklers…

    • Kyle Boone

      See that’s what I thought too. But technically Reid was the only five-star OSU has ever signed … https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/124dd277596c599b8f6c39a8c697195ebfd83769718ad4433475a7040bbf66c8.png

      • SirAwesome

        Most of the time Stars hinge on which site, geographics, and who they sign to. Many times I have seen guys lose a star for committing to us. The narrative that “OSU can’t sign 4 star kids” is incorrect, we have done it on multiple occasions. Kids now have very little interest in tradition, now, it comes down too, 1.) Will I play on Tv? 2.) Can you get me to the league? I like what Joe Bob, Josh Henson, and Kasey Dunn are doing. We need one more guy that can close, ESPECIALLY in the Texas region. The allure of immediate playing time should be enough to bring more kids to the program. If we can get a couple stud Linebackers (true LB not converted Safeties), that will definitely help improve our Defense. And at some point we have to acknowledge AND address that lack of development in our QB core, and it starts at the top.

        • TeaTown Cowboy

          Amen to that, sometimes a recruit will gain a star simply by signing with a blue blood and thanks for answering Kyle. Just remember there are more than one service that evaluates recruits so while a 24/7 may give a guy a 4 a Scout or Rivals might give a kid a 5. Usually I think there’s not a lot of difference btw 4s and 5s and a lot of it is political.

          Give me a hungry and hard working 3 over an entitled 4 or 5 any day of the week.

          • okstate4life

            How many Big 12 Championships have we won with all these “hungry and hard working” 3 stars we’ve filled our rosters with over the years? Give me all the entitled 4/5 stars. Maybe then we can win another title instead of just feeling good about ourselves for playing “nice” kids.

          • TeaTown Cowboy

            Do you really think our coaches out coached zerOU this year or prior years or you’re one of those who just want to blame the players? If you think our coaching was better I have a bridge over Bird Creek in Osage County I have for sale and you’re probably the sucker that’s going to buy it….

          • TeaTown Cowboy

            By the way, how did all those 4s and 5s do at UT? They had MUCH better recruiting classes every year since we’ve been in the Big 12.

          • okstate4life

            If you’re one of these people that think 3 star players are better than 5 star, there’s no point in arguing with you because you’re a complete moron. Also, I never said it was the players fault we consistently lose to OU. A large part of that is entirely on Gundy and the coaching staff. But the fact they’ve have better talent consistently on the field doesn’t hurt their chances either. And please…can we stop with these pathetic TX references. Texas has been a complete dumpster fire at HC for years now but you know what? Despite that fact they still go down to the wire with us EVERY year! Last year it took a freshman QB [email protected]&ing the bed in overtime for us to pull out a victory over a first year HC. Why?? BECAUSE THEY HAVE BETTER TALENT! So again, go ahead and keep filling our rosters with these “hungry” 3 star players like we have for the past decade. We’ll continue to finish 3rd in the conference and fill our trophy cases with cactus bowl trophies and good feelings while we fade into obscurity.

  • Pistol Rick

    Over/Under set at 1 of these guys signing with us.

    Putting the mortgage on the under

    • David

      Over. Dax being 33% is off.

  • David

    Dax is really an Ohio State lean?

    • okstate4life

      Why not?? Not to be cynical but honestly, why would he choose OSU over tOSU other than the family connection??

      • TeaTown Cowboy

        Cause the weather and girls in Ohio aren’t quite the same, esp the climate, yikes! Plus Okie kids tend to be close to their moms and Stilly’s a lot closer than Columbus.

        • okstate4life

          A CFP appearance is a lot more enticing than an Alamo Bowl appearance. IMO.

  • Julian Redbull


    Hart Lee Dykes was considered one of the top recruits nationally and the top recruit in 1985 by Athlon’s. Bobby Reid did not have the same accolades. Kyle Boone was probably not old enough to remember this.

    • SirAwesome

      Bobby Reid was considered the 6th best QB in Country by rivals, 2nd best in state of Texas behind Rhett Bomar, and 41st best athlete. I was in school with Hart Lee, and he is one of the best all around ATHLETES I have ever seen. Recruiting services weren’t nearly as popular during the 80’s, which I am sure played a part in Kyle’s statement.

    • sfrr123

      Dykes was incredible. He made Gundy look like a pro. Then you had Barry Sanders at running back. Had the defense been just average, the 1988 team would have won a mythical national championship, even with Pat Jones at the helm.