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Oklahoma State Second in Big 12 Wins During the 2010s

Pokes second in wins for the 2010s.



That’s a wrap on the Big 12 for the 2010s with OU barely beating Baylor in the Big 12 Championship game on Saturday. Since the decade is over and there are no more games, I thought it would be fun to rank every team that played a Big 12 game over the last 10 years by winning percentage. Notes and thoughts at the bottom.

Oklahoma: 77 wins (83%)
Nebraska: 6 wins (66%)
Oklahoma State: 58 wins (65%)
Missouri: 11 wins (65%)
Texas A&M: 10 wins (59%)
Baylor: 52 wins (58%)
Kansas State: 52 wins (58%)
TCU: 39 wins (53%)
Texas: 47 wins (52%)
West Virginia: 36 wins (50%)
Iowa State: 31 wins (35%)
Texas Tech: 30 wins (34%)
Colorado: 2 wins (25%)
Kansas: 6 wins (7%)

• OU won 83 percent of its Big 12 games for 10 years. That’s insane. Twenty-five of every 30 games for a decade, including six Big 12 titles (and five in a row to cap the 2010s). That OSU was even remotely competitive in this environment is a testament to how far Mike Gundy has brought the Pokes.

• On the flip side, Kansas won six conference games in 10 years. How is this possible?

• Texas Tech = Iowa State and Iowa State = Texas Tech. Tough scene for all involved. Oklahoma State had nearly as many wins as these two teams combined.

• Texas had the fourth-best winning percentage of schools from the state of Texas during the last decade of Big 12 play. Another tough scene.

• It’s remarkable to me that — of teams that were actually in the Big 12 for the entire decade — a team that went 1-11 two years ago finished tied for third in total wins for the decade.

• At the end of 2009 — after Texas went 13-1 and played Bama for the title — what kind of odds do you think you could have gotten that TCU — which was rolling over teams in the MWC that season — and Baylor would both have a better winning percentage in the Big 12 in the 2010s than Texas?

• West Virginia went 36-36 in the 2010s. That seems about right.

• Kansas State winning more games than Texas with half (a third?) of the recruits is so embarrassing for Texas.

• If OSU wins 60 more Big 12 games in the 2020s, it will have been another great decade. Heck, 50 would be a great decade, too. I think shooting for something between 50-60 for 10 full years with the occasional pull at a Big 12 title game (2-3 a decade maybe) is where you want to be as a program

• (Unless you’re OU and just win it every year).

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