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Oklahoma State Third All-Time in Bowl Winning Percentage

And Gundy is 9-4 in postseason tilts.



We can bemoan the Liberty and Texas Bowls all we want (and maybe we should), but what we can’t bedowngrade is Mike Gundy and OSU’s ability to win postseason games at an astonishing clip.

First, OSU is third all-time among teams with 20 or more bowl appearances in winning percentage (I’m sneaking Boise in with 19 appearances after this season because their Fiesta Bowl W over OU should count as three).

Here’s your top 10 (min. 20 appearances).

Utah: 17-5 (77%)
Boise: 12-6 (66%)
Oklahoma State: 19-10 (66%)
USC: 34-18 (65%)
Ole Miss: 24-13 (65%)
Syracuse: 16-9-1 (64%)
FSU: 28-16-2 (63%)
Alabama: 41-26-3 (62%)
Penn State: 29-18-2 (61%)
Georgia: 31-21-3 (59%)

That’s a good list. A list you want to be a part of. Now here’s Gundy’s history in bowl games with some notes and thoughts at the bottom.

Year Bowl Opponent
2019 Texas Bowl Texas A&M
2018 Liberty Bowl (W) Missouri
2017 Camping World Bowl (W) Virginia Tech
2016 Alamo Bowl (W) Colorado
2015 Sugar Bowl (L) Ole Miss
2014 Cactus Bowl (W) Washington
2013 Cotton Bowl (L) Missouri
2012 Heart of Dallas Bowl (W) Purdue
2011 Fiesta Bowl (W) Stanford
2010 Alamo Bowl (W) Arizona
2009 Cotton Bowl (L) Ole Miss
2008 Holiday Bowl (L) Oregon
2007 Insight Bowl (W) Indiana
2006 Independence Bowl (W) Alabama
2005 N/A N/A

• OSU 1-0 all-time against Alabama. Don’t at me.

• That Indiana Insight game was a bloodbath. Indiana didn’t know what a Dez Bryant was. He did whatever he wanted, which Carson and I discussed on the pod today.

• This is a pretty diverse set of bowls with one common theme: Too many games in Texas (although the coaches likely love it for recruiting purposes).

•Additionally, OSU’s postseason matchups under Gundy have been fairly diverse (which is a great thing for those of us who like fun games against interesting schools). The only repeats for 14 years are Mizzou and Ole Miss (both games of which I’d like to forget).

• It’s pretty wild that OSU has lost one bowl game since Mason Rudolph’s freshman year.

• It’s equally (?) crazy that this will be OSU’s 15th bowl game, which is half of the bowl games they’ve played over the last 120 years.

• Of all the teams with nine or more appearances in bowl games in the 2010s, only OSU has two or fewer losses.

Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 4.38.34 PM.png

• Also the streak of 14 straight appearances has been bested by just eight other programs.

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