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Oklahoma State to play home-and-home with Boise State




Photo Attribution: USATSI

Oklahoma State and Boise State have agreed to a home-and-home matchup in 2018 and 2021.

Boise will come to Stillwater in Septermber of ’18 and OSU will go up to the northwest in ’21.

Here’s what Mike Gundy had to say on

“It’s a good non-conference matchup for both of us. It gives us each a quality opponent out of conference play, which is ultimately going to factor in when we get to the four-team playoff.”

Translation: “I hear Southern Cal and Texas will have job openings after this season ends.”

The never ending power struggle between Holder and Gundy rages on. Gundy hates good non-conference games (though I’m not sure how he feels about them with the impending College Football Playoff) and Holder likes lining his pockets with the cash they bring.

But this is why this one is so…odd. Boise is great, yes, but I have to think there’s a financial disparity between playing FSU in Jerryworld and playing Boise in Stillwater/Boise.

It seems like Holder is just lording his rubber stamp from Boone over Gundy at this point. “You hate playing good teams out of conference?” “Fine, I’ll go find the least beneficial ‘we-have-the-most-to-lose’ opponent I can possibly find and we’ll strap it up with them.”

Maybe not though, maybe Gundy’s attitude is changing now that four teams (and eventually more) will get in the playoff.

As for me? I love it. I get tired of the Louisiana Lafayettes and Savannah States of the world. Let’s have some entertainment. OSU isn’t going to have a chance to win it all in most years anyway so we might as well take a swipe at playing an instant classic in September.

Oh, and think these two fan bases will have anything to talk about?

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