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Oklahoma State to Wear White-Orange-Orange Uniform Combination against Central Michigan

OSU has worn this color combo in three season openers.



[Twitter: CowboyFB]

The Cowboys will kick off their 2022 season with a new classic Week 1 look.

For the season opener against Central Michigan, Oklahoma State will don a white-orange-orange uniform combo, with a “Patriot Pete” or “Full-Pete” helmet, replete with a black facemask and those sexy stripes.

This is just the third time OSU has worn W-O-O, but all have been season openers. All have been wins, so far, as well.

OSU wore this color combo with the “Patriot Pete” helmet with an orange facemask in 2018 and then wore it last year in Week 1 with the more traditional Pistol Pete. Both previous matchups were against Missouri State.

Resident uni aficionado Justin Southwell started out his 2022 1-0. Let’s see if the Cowboys can follow suit. Carson Cunningham also picked the combo on this week’s podcast.

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